How Your Phone Can Be Used To Manage Your VW

Car management can be a lot of work especially when you’re driving. This is the reason why Volkswagen has come up with a technology that allows you to manage your car using your watch or phone. These apps can help you to have a personal relationship with your car. Yes, you and your VW can become like Batman and Robin. According to Volkswagen, this car technology will help drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. You just need to seat pretty as these apps connect you to your Volkswagen and the world outside. The applications can be accessed on the App Store.


What does the My Volkswagen App offer?

Both Android and IOS phones can be used to host the My Volkswagen App. The app allows you to get service reminders, register with My Volkswagen, store your car’s details and choose your favorite retailer. You can also use your phone to monitor your car when it is being serviced or delivered.


What do we think about the Car-Net app?

You can use your smartwatch or smartphone to access the Car-Net app. You can inform your VW about your destinations using the Car-Net "Guide & Inform" feature. The driver knows his last parking position and current driving data by looking at the Car-Net "Security & Service" feature. The e-model or GTE can be controlled using the Car-Net "e-Remote" function. For instance, the driver can stop, start or monitor the charging process of his car using the e-Manager. This app can entertain you, provide directions and call for assistance if there is an accident. It is like a guardian angel.


What is the Volkswagen Car Configurator used for?

The Car Configurator app helps the customer to find a car that matches with his or her needs. Why is this app important? Well, it is important because we have 300 different variants in 20 different Volkswagen models. In fact, you will have to choose from more than 90 million vehicle choices when you add extras. So how does it work? First, add your preferred options on your favorite model. The options include features like in-car entertainment, upholstery, wheels, and paint. Secondly, you can personalize your car with ideal refinement and tweaks. The app even allows you to share your progress on Twitter and Facebook. Finally, you can check out the special offers and the latest prices. When you’ve done all the above, then you’ll be ready to visit your local showroom using the car’s retailer-locator, or you can even book a test drive.

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What makes the Volkswagen Connect special?

This app gives information about the car and the driver. You can use your smartphone to find out the number of refuels you have done in a month, the efficiency of your driving technique, where your car was parked on the previous day, and the next time you should go for a service appointment. Even older cars, from 2008 onwards, can connect to your smartphone using Volkswagen’s new connectivity solution. Your retailer will give you a free DataPlug that is then used to plug into your car’s diagnostic connection.


How good is the Showroom iPad app?

Volkswagen showrooms provide iPads to be used by potential consumers. Do you see the ‘Touch here’ signs? You can explore Volkswagen’s entire lineup. This app allows you to categorize the models by efficiency, technology, space, price, and performance. You can have a look at videos that reveal how the technologies work. A 360° rotation or gallery is used to view each model. You can also use the app to nail the right deal by looking at the finance options, for instance, you can take advantage of the special offers. If you like, the showroom app can be connected to your home’s car configuration.


Anything else I should know?

Yes. The applications named above are useful in making work easier when you’re dealing with a VW car but you should also seek assistance from the salespeople so that you can order or manage your car in the right manner.

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