Honda Urban EV

With its adorably retro appearance, it's nearly impossible to miss, even in a crowd of concept cars. If the European market loves this car as much as the car experts, you're going to be seeing a lot more of this charming automobile. But only in Europe, for now. Honda's first-ever mass-produced electric car, the 2019 Honda Urban EV, is creating quite a buzz. Since it was first unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Honda Urban EV concept car has grabbed the attention of the automobile world. After the overwhelmingly positive response it garnered at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the public is understandably excited to see what the production model will do. This two-door hatchback is expected to receive relatively few changes before it hits the road.


How much room does the Urban EV provide for passengers and cargo?

The body of the 2019 Urban EV is low and wide. It is shorter than the Jazz super-mini and smaller than Honda's smallest car, the Fit. The Urban EV concept car seats four people but the production version may seat three in the back instead of two. There is very little space left for cargo in this hatchback.


What does the Urban EV look like?

Since this car is still in its concept version, that is a bit tough to answer. The concept car "borrowed" many designs from other automobiles in the Honda line-up but the company has said the production model will stand on its own. Hopefully, it won't take away the adorable retro quality of the show model. This car is so cute that it is bound to attract attention. Between the headlights, interactive messages can be shown to pedestrians or other drivers or to post charging status. It is unknown whether this will be included in the production model or whether it will be equipped with the dramatic rear-hinged doors like a Rolls-Royce. The blue back-lit Honda emblem adds a wonderful touch.


What features does the interior of the Honda Urban EV include?

Since production hasn't yet started on the EV, all the details have not been released. Our only information comes from the concept car shown at Frankfurt and Geneva, which featured a "floating" dashboard console for the steering column, some simple controls, and an amazing panoramic screen. It wraps around the dashboard and into the doors, creating a side-view camera display. This is another feature that the production model may lack, but it is certainly an eye-catching innovation on the part of Genesis.

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How far can it go on a full battery charge?

Honda has not released the details on the exact kind of battery that will be on the Urban EV. We do know it will have a high-density, lightweight battery pack, integrated heat management, and energy transfer capability both into and out of the car. The company estimates it to be able to travel a short to medium range, around 155 miles.


Why is Honda only releasing it in Europe?

There are two major reasons that an electric car like the Urban EV is not a popular vehicle in North America. The tiny size of the EV keeps it from being a popular choice in the United States and Canada, while the size sells well in Europe and Japan. Also, electric automobiles cost more than their gas-equipped equals, even if it's only because of the extremely high price of the batteries it uses.

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