Genesis Essentia Concept

Hyundai sticks pretty close to its intent with its lineup: It offers luxury for less. However, the company has recognized the market need in its lineup for an impressive sports car with swoopy lines and high-tech. It has responded to that need with the Genesis Essentia Concept. The all-electric two-door GT car's designers believe this car will offer some of the emotional excitement that bonds buyers to a car for the 21st century. Here are some of the standout features.


Are there butterfly doors?

As is the case with most high-performance cars, butterfly doors give an already impressive car the amount of suave appearance to draw in the crowd. Butterfly doors are hinged at the top front corner of the car frame. They open outward and upward in a fanning pattern — much like butterfly wings. The benefit of this door design in the Genesis Essentia is that it gives the driver and passenger more room to exit and enter the car. Closed-top racer and other high-performance cars like the Enzo Ferrari and Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale use this concept. In the Genesis Essentia, the butterfly doors take a section of roof with them, and they are activated by a sensor in the B-pillar. They also come with both fingerprint and facial recognition and can talk with a smart home to get it ready for when you arrive at home.


It's electric, so how fast can it go?

In the concept phase, Genesis has suggested that the Essentia can go from 0–60 mph in 3 seconds. This rivals the Tesla 2013 Model S P85D, which can reach the same speed in 3.2 seconds. The Essentia will have to get a little faster to keep up with Tesla's faster models, including the 2016 P90D, which can get there in 2.8 seconds. The batteries for the Essentia are “high density,” which means the care will operate longer between charges, even if it is still consuming more power with fast take-offs. This will boost buyer confidence in the reliability of the car.


What about the aerodynamic design of the Genesis Essentia concept car?

With all the excitement about speed in the Genesis Essentia, it is important to note the accommodation the car makes for aerodynamics and safety. One of the main goals of any aerodynamic design is to reduce drag and wind noise and prevent instability when the car is turning corners, especially at high speeds. The first sign that Essentia has not ignored aerodynamics is the grille, which resembles an open mouth. The grille allows air to flow around the front corners on either side of the car. The Genesis Quad headlights that bend around and past the front wheels seem to imitate the motion of the air flow. Top this off with the diffuser at the rear of the car, and you've got a design that gives a righteous nod to aerodynamics.

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Are there any fancy features inside the Genesis Essentia concept car?

The Genesis Essentia's interior is being described as a mix of high fashion and minimalism. One of the first things you will notice is the color and texture. It will not be unusual with this car to see alluring oxford blue dash, center console and back seat features and floor mats riding shotgun with rich cognac leather seats that show a herringbone quilting texture. Also, expect to see high-tech screens for controlling the car systems instead of buttons and knobs. This caters to the line's commitment to an advanced electric car option. One other thing to mention in the design is the 3D-printed weblike patterns on the sills and doors. Futuristic superheroes will feel right at home.

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