Future Classic Cars

How much would you pay to see the future? The 26-year-old Trump would probably pay half of his wealth to know which year he would become the U.S. president. On the other hand, a “rastaman” would even offer his beloved dreadlocks to know which car he should buy before it appreciates in value. Many car lovers have heard stories of people who ignored cheap machinery only for it to rocket in value. Some cars which appreciated like this include Subaru Impreza 22bs, E30 BMW 3-Series, and air-cooled Porsche 911s. A “classic car” has many more qualities than just being old. Some people might feel that the modern cars are not as timeless as those from previous generations but the truth is that some of the current machines will give us sweet memories in the future. If you predict a future classic well, then you can prepare to laugh all the way to the bank. We’ve come up with a list of some of the future classics you should consider purchasing. Be part of the future “big market-boomer.”


Where do we place the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28?

This car is only a Camaro by name. This car is rare on the roads thanks to its track-focused mods. The original’s value shot up because of its rarity, and we expect the same to happen for this car.


How special is the Honda S2000?

This was the last true sports car that was made by Honda. It is enjoyable to drive. Its VTEC four-cylinder is naturally aspirated, and it produces good power. Our advice is that you should grab one as soon as yesterday. I hear you asking why. Well, the prices of good examples have been steadily climbing, and its enthusiasts keep on increasing. In fact, the lovers of this car keep coming in faster than Usain Bolt!


How good is the (2009-2015) Ferrari 458?

Most Ferraris are likely to end up as classics. The 458 is the most likely future classic in the modern era. This car is the last mid-engine produced by the legendary Italian brand. It had a V8 that is naturally aspirated. In recent history, it is certainly one of Maranello’s most beautiful cars. The prices are set to rise, but they are presently around the £120k mark.

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What does the (2001-2005) Renault Clio V6 offer?

It is crazy to imagine that this V6 hatchback is mid-engined. This vehicle’s mid-mounted engine was inspired by the Renault 5 Turbo group B homologation special. It came out as an ultra-hot hatch because Porsche contributed in the design. The driving experience can only be described as that of a supercar-esque. It is set to be a future classic because only 354 units were produced. It is as rare as an ostrich’s egg. You’ll be lucky to see one.


What do we think about the Lexus LFA?

This car will surely be a classic car but not because of how it drives or how it looks. It performs well in both areas, but you will hopelessly fall in love with its sound. It only takes one rev for you to get hooked on it like Pablo Escobar’s cocaine. This roaring sound comes from its 4.8-liter V10 engine.


What makes the 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe tick?

This vehicle is certainly the “chosen one” because its destiny was decided when it was launched – it is made to be a classic. It has been praised for its old-school experience and outstanding driving dynamics. It has a tiny chassis that carries a turbocharged six-cylinder engine. The price has greatly risen. The automaker only made 6,309 units. Richard Hammond, the former Top Gear presenter, named it the 2011 car of the year.

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