Ford Mustang: America's Classic Car

The Mustang became an instant hit for Ford the moment it hit the ground. What began as a notion in the mind of Lee Iacocca back in 1961 turned into one of Ford's biggest success stories. Mr. Iacocca was the Vice President and General Manager of Ford Division at the time. He wanted a four-passenger car with bucket seats and a shifter on the floor that was 180 inches long or less, weighed under 2500 pounds and had a price tag under $2,500. Enter the Mustang. Here are the answers to questions you may have about this legendary sports car.


When was the Ford Mustang first introduced?

The Ford Mustang sales began on April 17, 1964. Orders for 22,000 were taken on that day. During the first year of sales, 417,000 Ford Mustangs were sold. By March of 1966 one million, Ford Mustangs were sold. Needless to say, the Mustang was incredibly popular right from the start.


When was the first Shelby Mustang produced?

Carroll Shelby became involved with Ford and the new Mustang right away. Mr. Shelby and Ford worked together on a racecar-based Mustang fastback toward the end of 1964. The Shelby GT350 emerged on January 27, 1965. These special fastbacks were all white with a 306-hp engine under the hood. Other changes included a 1-inch lower front suspension, removal of the back seat and a fiberglass hood with a functional scoop. The Shelby Mustangs also got a 1" sway bar, Koni adjustable shocks, a 9" rear end, rear traction bars and a gauge pod on the dash which featured an oil pressure gauge and a tachometer. The battery was moved to the trunk and 3" seatbelts were installed. Ford produced 562 Shelby GT350's during 1965. 12 of them were built for racing, and the other 550 were sold to private owners. It sold for $4,311 to $6,000, depending on which options were added. A 1965 Shelby GT350 sells for around $500,000 today.


Did Ford make a Pinto Mustang?

The Pinto Mustang was the second generation. They were produced from 1974 to 1978. Ford shaved almost 500 pounds off the Mustang to make it more fuel efficient because of the 1973 oil crisis. It also only came with a 4-cylinder engine. There wasn't a convertible model, and only the fastbacks were available with a T-top.

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Was there a Mustang known as a Fox Mustang?

The third generation Mustang had the Fox platform or Fox body style. It was based on the Ford Fairmont sedan. The Fox Mustang was made from 1979 through 1993. This was a big improvement over the Pinto style, but it was still nowhere near as desirable as the first generation. Ford made convertibles available again in 1983 but did away with the T-tops. In 1984, the SVO model made Mustangs more exciting again. They came with a 205-hp, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. <br><br>The Mustang body style improved further in 1987. Ford gave the Mustang a little more power again with a 225-hp V8 under the hood of the Mustang LX.


When did Ford stop making the Mustang Hatchback?

Hatchbacks were done away with when the Mustang underwent big changes for Generation IV. This "Fox-4" generation lasted from 1994 through 2004. The body style was modified to more closely resemble the original Mustang. <br><br>Ford also introduced some odd exterior colors. A strange-looking gold, purple, and green metallic combination paint color was included in the limited-edition MystiChrome Appearance Package. This package was only available on the SVT Cobras, thank goodness. <br><br>The Mustang was given a bit more muscle during this generation. The Mustang GT and SVT Cobra were given a DOHC 4.6-L V8 engine that produced over 300 hp.


When did Ford first make the Shelby GT500?

The very first Shelby GT500 was produced back in 1967, and it was one heck of a Mustang. Carroll Shelby said, "This is the first car I'm really proud of." It came with a Cobra Le Mans engine under the hood that was a modified 427-cubic-inch V8. Unfortunately, the GT500's were only produced in 1969. Mr. Shelby and Ford parted ways by autumn 1969 due to creative differences. <br><br>The partnership was eventually renewed, and GT500's became available again in 2007. This brand new, Generation V Mustang model came with a 500-hp, supercharged 5.4-L V8 under the hood. <br><br>Mustang's fifth-generation lasted from 2005-2014. Other notable changes made in honor of the Mustang's 40th anniversary included a new 300-hp, 4.6-L 3-valve single overhead cam engine. The new body style was reminiscent of the original Mustang's style with a fastback top that extended all the way to the edge of the trunk lid. Ford also did a remake of the Bullitt Mustang in 2008.


What is the current Mustang generation?

The Ford Mustang is well into Generation VI right now. It began in 2015 with some major changes. The Mustang's body is noticeably wider and lower to the ground, and the front and rear suspension are completely new. The new Mustang is highly customizable with lots of options from which to choose, including 20" wheels. The three engine options are a 3.7-L V6, a 2.3-L EcoBoost, and a 5-L V8.

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