Ford Mustang Generations

Ford Mustang, a name that you can actually take to the bank. It has been fifty plus years since Ford made the original pony car. And it has been one hell of a ride. The silver jubilee placed the Mustang in one of the exclusive automobile clubs. Those that have seen 50 years of production. The Mustang has been a global darling since its inception, and its Facebook fan page is a testimony to this. The car's unique style combined with its agile nature has seen it emerge as a leader of American muscle vehicles through many generations. Rivals like the Camaro have come and gone. And come again. But the Mustang has remained standing as tall as Mt.Kilimanjaro stands in the African plains. So how many generations has the Mustang produced? Six to be precise, here's a breakdown of all the major redesigns that this iconic Ford has undergone since it was first produced.


What did the First Generation offer?

The company's first generation lasted between 1964- 1973. It was launched on 17th of April 1964, and it immediately became a hit. This generation which came with three engine options rocked until 1973; it included the Boss Mustangs, GT-390 Fastback, Shelby and the K-Code Mustangs. The original 1964 Mustang sold over a million units in 18 months.


What about the Second Generation?

Popularly known as the Pintostang, the second generation of Mustangs which was produced from 1974-1978 was largely based on the Pinto's platform. This became the first Mustang generation to have a 4-cylinder engine. They were smaller cars built to deliver better fuel efficiency. Some of the vehicles in this generation are the King Cobra Mustang and the Mustang Cobra II.


What stood out about the Third Generation?

This is the generation that ran for the most years when compared to other Mustangs. As many people would agree, the "Foxbody" Mustangs were light and kicked butt when it came to matters power. This was the golden age of 5.0-liter V-8 engines under the hood. If you have experienced that, then you know it still feels like heaven.

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What about the Fourth Generation?

At thirty years of age, milestones are struck. Jesus of Nazareth and John the Baptist chose to start their ministries at that age. Well, Ford chose to do a dramatic restyling of the Mustang, a new chassis based on the SN 95 was introduced. It was stiffer, and it came with a change of plans as 1330 of the total 1850 parts were changed, and the hatchback was dropped. Also in 1994, they launched a new SVT Mustang that produced 240 ponies. This generation lasted up to 2004.


What's special about the Fifth Generation?

This generation lasted from 2005-2014. It saw the return of the legendary Shelby when Carroll Shelby re-introduced the GT500 and the GTR500KR. The models in this era were based on the D2C platform and had an exterior that was reminiscent of the olden day Mustangs. They were longer than their fourth generation counterparts and added modern features like GPS navigation and heated seats.


What about the Sixth Generation?

This is the generation of Mustangs that we currently have in production. The first one was announced on the fifth of December 2013 as the official 2015 Mustang. The design of this generation has been said to be inspired by 50 years of Mustang heritage, and it does fit the bill. New Mustangs have advanced technology and produce power to the tune of 300 horses. In several ways, the current Mustang is just as appealing as the original car, and when compared to a million others, it is superior. Needless to say, the legend lives on.

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