Electric Cars With Longest Ranges

Electric car enthusiasts love the idea of avoiding gas stations and driving cars that don't leave any traces of carbon. However, most Americans are yet to warm up to the concept of electric cars. They fear the possibility of being alone in the woods if the EV loses battery power. Automakers have noted this problem, and that's why they have been working on boosting the battery power. The latest all-electric models have more range, nimble handling, and sporty acceleration. We have compiled a list of some of the best electric cars that will use their fully charged battery to get you farthest. So if you've been worrying about what lurks in the night, don't. These cars don't lose their juice.


What do we think about the Tesla Model S?

This vehicle is the obvious face of the electric car revolution because it offers the longest range. The Model S makes its competitors look bad just like Anthony Joshua makes other boxers look like farmers! This vehicle offers excellent performance, an attractive interior and impressive tech that also makes it the best vehicle in the class of luxury electric and hybrid cars as well as the class of large luxury cars. This vehicle has more pace and acceleration than other large sedans. The Model S 100D can hit approximately 335 miles while the Model S 75D is the shortest-range trim with around 260 miles. It has many tech features, adept handling, large cargo hold and spacious seats. However, it lacks Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The MSRP ranges from $74,500 - $135,000.


What makes the Tesla Model X tick?

The first thing that grabs your attention when you look at this EV is its falcon-wing doors that have more swag than a dunk by King James. The trims offer a range of 295 miles, 289 miles or 237 miles. These impressive numbers make it the world's fastest SUV. It boasts of huge cargo space, Long range, absurd acceleration as well as a huge, crisp touchscreen.


What about the Tesla Model 3?

This vehicle takes the second position in luxury hybrid and electric cars. The Model 3 offers excellent handling, tremendous efficiency, supportive and spacious seats as well as outstanding acceleration. The 2018 model offers all-wheel-drive. However, it lacks Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. You are likely to fall in love with this vehicle even if you don't like electric cars. The trims offer ranges of 310 miles (499 km) or 220 miles (354 km). The price ranges from $35,000 to around $60,000. The price might seem like a lot but it's still cheaper than many of its high-end rivals. Before you buy this car, we recommend that you should also consider the Tesla Model S and the Chevrolet Volt.

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What does the Chevrolet Bolt bring to the table?

The Bolt must have been named after Usain Bolt because it boasts of an impressive acceleration. It delivers an outstanding range of 238 miles, but it is more than just another all-electric car. It also brings a spacious interior and a peppy performance. Apart from the great range, we also love the lively handling and acceleration and the numerous standard features. However, we don't like the thin seat cushions and it's starting price that is higher than many non-EV and EV rivals.


What is our opinion of the Renault ZOE?

The 2018 Renault Zoe delivers increased acceleration and higher power thanks to its new R110 electric motor. The 80 kW electric motor is stronger than the older R90 variant; it now adds 16 horsepower. It has a range of 185 miles. It is regarded as an attractive, solid, comfortable and all-around package that gives value for money. It is more affordable and smaller than its rival Nissan Leaf, and it should therefore not come as a surprise that it is Europe's best-selling electric car. This vehicle is only available in Europe.

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