Crazy License Plates That Actually Exist

Crazy License Plates That Actually Exist

November 21, 2018

Crazy License Plates That Actually Exist

License plates are normally placed on cars to help in easy identification of vehicles. However, the United States also allows its citizens to use personalized plates that usually portray the personality of the car owner. Some people customize their cars with harmless names while others choose to go for cocky names. These crazy license plates have made us realize that DMV workers are much cooler than we thought.

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14The Nutritionist on the Road

The Nutritionist on the Road

The owner of this vehicle is Rick Schott. Going by his “Low Carb” vanity plate, we can obviously tell that he is obsessed with health and nutrition. Why? Well, it’s simple, a low carbohydrate diet helps in losing weight. Rick used a low carb diet to lose 100 pounds. After his success, he decided to open a chain of low carb stores. Many nutritionists have a way of letting everyone know that they consume a healthy diet even when the discussion is about music. It was only right for Rick to let us know that he only eats a low carb diet. Or maybe it’s a good marketing trick for his specialty stores. This trick definitely worked on me. If I was packed behind him in a traffic jam, I would definitely ask him for some of his low carb products so that I can lose my ever-growing pot belly.

13Michael Jackson Super Fan

Michael Jackson Super Fan

Michael Jackson is the best entertainer who ever lived, and it, therefore, comes as no surprise that one of his fans decided to order a vanity plate that reads “Love 4 MJ.” This is probably a good way to motivate yourself to become a perfectionist like Michael, including being the best driver on the road. I can already imagine him blasting Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean as speeds through the streets of California. Or maybe the “MJ” actually stands for Michael Jordan. In case you live under a rock, Michael Jordan is considered the best basketball player of all time. If this guy is a Jordan fan, I wonder what he thinks of Steph Curry and Lebron James. Personally, I think that Curry has a better chance of catching up with Jordan because he has three rings and Lebron is currently in a team that is likely to win nothing but hot air.

12Blessings are Coming

Blessings are Coming

The owner of this Ford car is obviously a very religious person. Ford is an American motor company that is known for producing very good vehicles. The “Bless” means that he is hoping for better things in his life. I like it because it is important to believe in a higher power. This sign is a blessing to everyone who looks at it. I am thinking of putting the same license on my car.

11It's a Showcase of Art

It's a Showcase of Art

This one speaks for itself. The owner of this vehicle must be an art lover. The plate says “Art Gallery.” The car itself is a piece of art that should be placed in a world-class museum. We also love the cartoon above the plate. If this car had a human name then it would be Leonardo Da Vinci.

10Somebody is Happy with Elon

Somebody is Happy with Elon

This one says “Thanks Elon.” The owner of this is obviously a big fan of Elon Musk. For those who don’t know, Elon is the product architect, CEO, and co-founder of Tesla, Inc. This vanity plate is one of the many plates that proclaim Tesla’s eco-friendliness while still taking a dig at gasoline-powered cars. Elon doesn’t like “boring” stuff, and it might just be rubbing off on his very creative customers. They drive around with “clever license plates” on their electric SUVs and cars. This particular driver has decided to thank Elon for giving him a futuristic car that is powered by electricity. If I were Elon, I would have bought this guy another Tesla car with a vanity plate that says “Thnx Too.”

9Trump Supporter

Trump Supporter

This Nevada plate says “Trump.” Trump lost Nevada to Hilary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election but he will be happy to see that he still has staunch supporters in the state. All the same, the owner of this vehicle must be loving every moment of Donald Trump’s presidency.

8I Taste Some Ice Cream

I Taste Some Ice Cream

This “ICE CRM” plate is from New Hampshire. I swear this vehicle must belong to my girlfriend because she is always asking me to buy her ice cream. This vanity plate is for free spirits who live each day like it’s the last one.

7This One is About the Cold War

This One is About the Cold War

This plate has been placed on a Trabant vehicle. This car was commonly used during the Cold War. It was produced in East Germany. This vehicle was slow, badly built, loud and poorly designed. It was made from recycled material. It had a steel unibody frame. Hard plastic and duroplast was used to make the hood, trunk, roof, and fenders. It had poor reliability, terrible quality, and shoddy maintenance. It had an average lifespan of 28 years. Many people think of the Eastern Bloc’s collapse when they think about this car. During its lifespan, it used three engines: an I4 four-stroke 1.0L VW polo, a two-cylinder two-stroke engine with a capacity of 600cc and a two-cylinder two-stroke which had 500cc. 3.7 million units had been produced by the time production ended in 1991.

6Self Motivation

Self Motivation

This one is my favorite. I love it because I like surrounding myself with positive energy. What you think is what you become, and no one knows it better than the driver of this vehicle. The “Success” plate will be the first thing he sees when he comes out of his house on his way to work. If that doesn’t work as proper motivation, then I don’t know what will. Having positive thoughts increases creativity and even helps improve output in your work life. I’m also sure that this guy is quite happy with his life.

5This Guy is Too Evil for You

This Guy is Too Evil for You

Yes, you heard that right. The owner of this 1957 Plymouth is not to be messed with! If I was stuck in traffic behind this guy, I would definitely behave myself because he seems like a badass. The Plymouth is an eye-popping vintage car that I would love to have in my parking lot. This old girl has a low beltline and “shark” fins. This convertible was ahead of its time, and the manufacturers advertised it by saying “Suddenly, it’s 1960!” It made a lot of sales. The notoriety of the two-door hardtop was enhanced by a 1983 movie called “Christine.” This vehicle was quite popular thanks to its perfect blend of sensational styling, able performance, great handling, and a fine ride.

4This One is Haunted

This One is Haunted

Have you ever watched Cartoon Network’s “Grim Reaper”? Well, this car reminds me of that scary cartoon. The owner of this car must be a pretty creepy person. It is the perfect car for Halloween. Just don’t pick up your dinner date in this baby.

3It is Time to Cultivate

It is Time to Cultivate

This one says “cultivate love.” There are a lot of hippies and free love types in California, and the owner of this car must be one of them. Being a true hippie, he or she is always thinking about spreading love, and that’s why the name ended up on the license plate. I never knew that they were so passionate, but this really proves it. I am happy that there are people out there spreading positive messages like this one.

2You Should Know People

You Should Know People

This one has an attitude. This car must be owned by a guy with a big ego. Kanye West is this your car? It isn’t enough that he owns an e-Golf, he still wants you to know that he has friends in high places.

1Elvis Presley is the Boss

Elvis Presley is the Boss

This one says “1 Elvis.” It is the perfect car plate for any Elvis fan. For those who don’t know, Elvis is the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll music. He is an iconic figure who dominated the entertainment world for many years. Driving a car with this plate is a good way to inspire yourself to succeed like Elvis. Despite coming from a poor background, Elvis still managed to write his name in history. He was a revolutionary who opened doors for rock artists after he took control of the best-seller charts. He was an electric performer who will be remembered forever. Being an Elvis fan myself, I would pay a huge amount to have this license plate on my car. I would then blast Elvis’ biggest hits as I ride through town.