Classic American Cars

Classic American cars are great to collect, restore, and to show. They fun to take out for a leisurely scenic drive when the weather is nice. There are the classics that everyone knows and loves, of course, but there are a few that don't quickly come to mind when you think classic American cars. They are the oddballs, the less run-of-the-mill collectibles that will make you go, 'oh, yeah' when you see one. Some have held their value while others have increased in value by quite a bit. Here are the answers to questions you may have about classic American cars.


Is the Roadrunner Superbird considered a classic American car?

The Road Runner Superbird was made by Plymouth in 1970. It was only made in 1970, and many of the 1,900 Superbirds produced remained unsold on through the early 1970's. To say the least, it wasn't a big seller. It came equipped with a 426 Hemi engine or 440 V8 Super Comando engine. The car was over 18 feet long with an extended nosecone and had an incredibly high rear wing. For those who appreciated this car's individuality and highly aerodynamic physique enough to invest in one and hide it away, it was a very good investment. A Superbird cost under $5,000 brand new. In today's market, it is worth $39,000 to $166,700.


Is the Ford Mustang the most desirable classic car?

While the Ford Mustang is one of the most desirable classic cars, it's not for everyone. Classic car collectors all have their own preferences. That being said, most serious collectors have or have had at least one of these iconic pony cars in his or her collection. Ford began producing the Mustang in 1964. The engine choices back then were a 6-cylinder 101-hp engine and three V8's that produced 164 hp, 210 hp or 271 hp. The models produced with Carroll Shelby are generally the most coveted. Mr. Shelby worked with Ford from 1967 to 1969 and then again in 2007 and 2008.Another sought-after classic Ford is the old two-seater 1955 to 1957 Thunderbird. The old T-bird was classier and more comfortable than the Corvette back then. A 1956 two-door T-bird originally cost just over $3,000. These days, it's worth $78,000 or more in top condition. The E-code and F-code models are favorites among collectors. A supercharged model sold at a Russo and Steele auction for $115,000 not too long ago.


What was the first crossover SUV made in America?

The AMC Eagle was the first crossover SUV or CUV made in America. The American Motor Company was well-known for odd cars. The Gremlin and Pacer are two of their most memorable oddballs. The Eagle was first produced in 1980. It was the first car with extra ground clearance, a unibody chassis, four-wheel drive and an independent front suspension.The Eagle was a modified Concord coupe, sedan or wagon. AMC just raised it up several inches and gave it four-wheel drive. In later years, they modified the Spirit. They also made a convertible model known as the Eagle Sundancer. The Eagle was the official vehicle of the National Ski Patrol for a while and was driven in a handful of SCCA ProRally events. A 1980 Eagle four-door wagon sold originally for $7,718. Today, it is worth between $6,100 and $13,700.


Which Cadillac classic is more valuable in a collection, the Coupe Deville or the Eldorado?

Both are great, highly collectible American classics but the Eldorado is more valuable than a Deville. Originally a new 1959 Deville cost $5,252. Today, it's worth over $53,000 in good condition. A 1959 Eldorado had an original price tag of $7,401 or $13,075, depending on the model. It's value today ranges from $107,000 to $227,300.Cadillac made three Eldorado models back in 1959. A Seville two-door coupe in good shape is now worth $107,000. A four-door Eldorado Brougham originally had a higher price tag of $13,075. In today's market, it is worth $178,300 in good condition. The Eldorado two-door Biarritz is the most valuable model with a value of $227,300 in today's market. Its original price was $7,401.


Is the Dodge Challenger a classic American car?

The Challenger is definitely a classic American car. Dodge began producing them in 1959. It was only available in silver that first year. 'Challengers' produced in 1964 were actually Studebaker Larks. In 1970, Challengers began their journey which culminated in the Challengers of today. It started with the 1970 Barracuda. The two engine options at the time were the 3.8-L L-head straight-six or the 5.3-L Red Ram V8.Another easily collectible Dodge classic is the 1974 to 1976 Dart Sport 360. It actually beat out the Trans Am, coming in second to the Chevy Corvette in testing done by Car and Driver. It came with a 200-hp 5.9-L V8. This car originally sold for a little over $3,000. A Dart Sport 360 in good condition is worth over $9,000 today.


What Chevy classic cars are worth restoring, besides Corvettes and Camaros?

The old Chevy Bel Air is a highly collectible iconic classic. Chevy manufactured Bel Airs from the mid-1950's to the mid-1970's. The 1950's and 1960's models are the most desirable. A 1960 Bel Air sold originally for $2,545. Values today range from $4,800 to $23,400. The Impala is another great Chevy classic that is still being manufactured today. Chevy started producing Impalas back in 1958. They set the record for the number of models sold in one year back in 1965 when they sold more than a million of them. A four-door, 1960 Impala sedan sold for $2,697 originally. It's worth as much as $27,200 today.Classic Chevrolet trucks should not be overlooked. The Chevy C10, C20, K10 and Cheyenne models produced between 1967 and 1972 are favorites among collectors. A 1960 C10 1/2-ton step-side short-bed sold originally for a mere $1,991. Today, one in good condition is worth $15,200 to $67,800.


What car produced in America now is most likely to become a classic?

Beyond the Shelby Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaros, there are a few vehicles that are destined to be classics in the future.The Ford Raptor is arguably the best truck produced in America today. It is a tough, off-road truck that is great for everyday driving, too. The Raptor will almost certainly be considered a classic, collectible American car someday.The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will definitely become a beloved, American-made classic. It is the fastest production car in the world, completing the quarter mile in under 10 seconds and going from 0 to 60 mph in under 2.5 seconds. Its top speed is 140 mph, which means it can't compete in NHRA without modifications.The American-made car that is faster than the Challenger Demon will also become one of those classic cars that will live on in infamy. That faster car is the Hennessey Venom GT. The body of this super-charged speed machine is British, but only the body. Hennessey Performance Engineering based in Texas builds the car. Powered by a 1,244 hp 7.2-L turbocharged V8, this future classic has a top speed of 270 mph.

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