Why Buy An Electric Car?

Would you like to fill up your automobile without moving from your own driveway? Does the idea of driving without paying for gas appeal to you? Are you concerned about air pollution levels? If you answer yes to one or more of these questions you are a potential electric car customer. There are not so many of these vehicles on the road at the moment but the US government wants to encourage drivers to change from gas-powered to electric vehicles. Electric cars save on vital non-renewable energy resources and they help improve the environment by reducing exhaust emissions. The fact that major gasoline supplies are found in politically unstable areas also motivates governments to explore the electric car alternative. In California, electric car sales have already reached 3% of total car sales. In Norway, one out of five new cars sold is now electric.


How do I charge an electric car?

Charging an electric car is as simple as charging your cellular phone. Leave the car parked on your driveway overnight with its battery connected to the house electricity supply. In the morning the car is ready to use. Charging the car takes much more time than filling an auto with gas so overnight charging is highly recommended.


How far can I drive in a fully charged electric car?

You can expect a fully charged car to have a hundred miles travel range. This should be sufficient to cover most people’s journeys to work and shopping trips, but not for longer family outings.


What’s it like to drive an electric car?

Drivers find electric cars give a smoother driving experience than the traditional gasoline driver automobiles. One of the electric car’s strong points is its fast acceleration with a smoother and much quieter ride than gasoline powered cars.

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Is it hard to maintain an electric car?

Electric cars are much easier to maintain than other types of autos. Electric car owners don’t have to worry about faults in their transmission and fuel systems, and they never have any problems with emission tests.


Why are electric cars more expensive than gasoline-powered cars?

Mass production of electric cars still seems to be some way off. When vehicles (or any other products) are mass produced the economies of scale enable producers to lower prices. The expense of electric car batteries also raises the cost of running these vehicles because batteries need to be regularly replaced.


What problems do electric car drivers face?

The most awkward issue to deal with is the limited distance you can drive with a fully charged electric car. Public electric car recharging stations are far and few between so if the car runs out of power in the middle of the highway the driver has a big problem on their hands. With a standard automobile you can bring a can of gasoline and refill the tank but the electric card needs to be taken to a power point for recharging.


How do governments try and encourage electric car use?

The American government offers tax credits to electric car buyers. The British government also offers various financial incentives, and it exempts electric car drivers from the congestion charges other car owners must pay on heavily used urban routes.


Are we likely to see many more electric cars on the road over the coming decade?

This depends on a large number of “ifs”. If technological improvements lengthen electric car battery life and travel range, if oil prices rise markedly, and if governments invest in making countries more electric-car friendly, the number of electric car users should climb.

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