Best Used BMWs to Buy

The value of a new BMW drops by 9% the minute you drive it off the lot. It drops by another 10% by the end of the first year of ownership, even if it still looks brand new and you’ve put less than 10,000 miles on it. After four years, the market value of that new Beemer has dropped by 49%. This all translates to big savings if you buy a gently used car. Certain models have held up better than others, though. Invest in a model with a history of reliability if you want a used car that will last for years. Here are the answers to questions you may have about the best-used BMWs to buy.


Is a used BMW M4 a good investment?

Yes, the M4 is one of the best-used BMWs you can buy. It was introduced in 2014 for 2015 model year. The 2015 and 2016 models are great used-car investments with high-reliability ratings. This is a small rear-wheel-drive sedan with room for four or five. The back seat is not spacious, although there is plenty of room for kids and smaller adults. The M4 is available in coupe and convertible styles. Its standard 425-hp inline-six twin-turbo engine provides plenty of power. A seven-speed automatic transmission is standard, but a six-speed manual transmission is available. Expect to pay $40,000 to $48,000 for a 2015 two-door coupe with around 40,000 miles on it. A 2016 model costs $48,000 to $56,000.


Which used BMW SUV is the best one to buy?

A 2014 BMW X3 is an excellent used five-passenger SUV to buy. It has good safety ratings and better-than-average reliability. The X3 also comes well equipped with newer technology, including the iDrive infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity, HD Radio, and a USB port. The interior is luxurious and roomy with 63.3 cubic feet of cargo space when the rear seat is folded down. The X3 is fairly fuel efficient for an SUV. It gets 19 to 21 mpg in the city and 26 to 28 mpg on the highway. The two engine options for this model are a 240-hp turbocharged four-cylinder or a 300-hp turbocharged six-cylinder. Both engines come paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Expect to pay between $20,000 and $25,000.


Is there a 2010 BMW that’s a good buy?

Yes. If you’re looking for a BMW that’s more than five years old, the 2010 528i is an excellent buy. It’s a five-passenger mid-size sedan with plenty of room in the front and rear seats. The seats are very comfortable, too. This model came well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology. BMW’s iDrive, rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlights, power front seats, a sunroof and a 10-speaker stereo all came standard in the 528i. A heated steering wheel, front and rear parking sensors, push-button start, heated front and rear seats and navigation were available options. The standard engine is a 230-hp 3.0-L V6. Rear-wheel drive is standard, although all-wheel drive was an available option and is preferable. This is a safe sedan with a good reliability rating and very few complaints. Expect to pay $7,400 to $9,400 for this used BMW.

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What’s the best used two-seater BMW that’s less than 10 years old?

The 2012 Z4 is the best two-seater BMW that’s under a decade old. There haven’t been any complaints made about the 2009 to 2017 Z4. It’s available in coupe or convertible styles. The sDrive28i is the base trim. It came with a 240-hp four-cylinder turbocharged engine under the hood and a six-speed manual transmission. An eight-speed automatic transmission was an available option. The sDrive35i and sDrive35is trims came equipped with a 335-hp six-cylinder turbocharged engine. The interior is plush, although it doesn’t insulate passengers from road noise on the highway as well as it could. Bluetooth connectivity, HD Radio, leatherette upholstery, a USB port and iPod input were standard in the 2012 model. Leather upholstery, satellite radio, dual-zone automatic climate control, heated and power-adjustable seats and navigation were available options. Expect to pay $16,600 to $21,700 for this used BMW.


What’s the best used BMW sedan that’s more than 10 years old?

The 2005 BMW 325i is one of the best BMW sedans over ten years old. The base trim was the 325i. The next trim up was the 325xi. Be sure to get the 2005 model. Earlier models had problems with the engine and power steering. The 2006 models had electrical issues in the electronic steering column which are very expensive to repair. This older sedan has a luxurious interior with soft leather upholstery and very comfortable seats. Road noise will not be a problem with this used BMW. This 325i is a five-passenger mid-size sedan with a great, classic look. It came with a 2.5-L six-cylinder engine under the hood. An automatic transmission was standard, although a five-speed manual transmission was an available option. The 325xi came with AWD while the 325i came with RWD. The average price for this used sedan ranges from $5,000 to $7,500.

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