Best Family Cars of 2018

When looking for the best family cars, you need to consider many essential factors. Things like safety, comfort, cargo versatility, reputation, child seats, technology, must be top of mind. Traveling with a family means that your car allows your kids to be safe and comfortable. It's also important that your vehicle allows you to maintain your personality. 2018 has plenty of family cars that will offer numerous features. Perks such as teen-driver monitoring, entertainment technologies, assist equipment, built-in vacuum cleaners, will make previous generations green with envy. Check our compilation below.


How good is the 2018 Honda Pilot?

This 3-Row SUV is one of the best family vehicles out there. It is like a pretty girl with good morals because it has been cooked with a balanced recipe of 'goodies.' The Honda Pilot boasts of a good fuel economy, spacious interior, numerous features and impeccable refinement. Under the hood, you will find a 3.5-liter engine that delivers 270-horsepower. The automatic transmission is 9-speed or 6-speed. The Pilot is just like a luxury brand when it comes to ride comfort and quiet refinement. Impressively, you can still accelerate with ease and enjoy an outstanding cornering performance. So where does the Pilot beat its competitors? Well, it has space for days. You can place cargo behind its third row and still carry eight people! You can also use the cubicle under the cargo floor. The vehicle also offers plenty of safety features.


Where do we place the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse?

If the Traverse were a cartoon character, then it would be Dexter of Cartoon Network's Dexter's Laboratory. The Traverse is a smart car, and I can already imagine it in big nerdy glasses like Dexter. This vehicle boasts of being smarter, lighter, more sophisticated and safer than ever before. This midsize crossover brings a lot of cargo space and a seating capacity of up to eight people. You can easily access the third row with the help of the SmartSlide second-row seat. The Traverse also comes with a standard Teen Driver system that helps parents know about their teens' driving habits. The vehicle also offers Apple CarPlay, OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi system and an Android Auto that easily works with smartphones. It also has many other features that include high-tech safety features.


Why should I buy the 2018 Honda Odyssey?

You can't talk about family vehicles without mentioning the Honda Odyssey. In fact, we can boldly say that this is the world's best family car. This minivan not only offers plenty of space but it goes further to provide better details and features than its rivals. It has roomy child safety seats thanks to its LATCH accommodations and a spacious third row that can carry three people. It comes with outboard seats in the Magic Slide second row - the seats move side to side and up and back. Two siblings can stay away from each other and hence avoid sitting on the hump. It offers the best minivan driving experience; it is comfortable, glides through gears, it is quiet and smooth off the line. The Odyssey has a good name among petrolheads, and that means that you can sell it at a higher price than its rivals if you ever decide to sell it.

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How good is the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica?

You should consider buying the Pacifica if you're looking for luxury accommodation, basic transportation or innovative plug-in hybrid that can carry eight passengers. It offers a fuel-free range of 30-plus miles. If you charge frequently and you stay near home, then you can forget about the pump because your car will always be on the move. The fuel savings continue with the V6 when your battery dies. It produces 287-horsepower and has a 9-speed transmission. It has a combined fuel economy score of 32 mpg. You can forget about scolding or pinching Tommy when he pours ice-cream or popcorn on the seats because this vehicle comes with a built-in vacuum cleaner.


What does the 2018 Subaru Outback bring to the table?

The Outback is so versatile that you can now carry anyone in your family. Now you have no excuse why you shouldn't bring your drunkard uncle who keeps belching every 5 minutes and your old granny who keeps hitting you with her cane. This 2-Row SUV is versatile, practical and smart but it stands out because of its unique 'go-anywhere' attitude. It has a quality ride that can only be compared to a comfy sedan and it also has an SUV's cargo volume. It has established itself as the traditional SUV's alternative. It has really changed to become less of a station wagon and more of a crossover. Its versatility allows it to accommodate adults, teens and little ones. It has good legroom, seats are easy to remove and install, and it has lower and upper anchor access. The Outback is an excellent choice for families that love exploring the countryside.

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