What Are The Best Diesel Cars In 2018?

There's a lot of negative publicity toward diesel engines particularly due to the emission scandal via Volkswagen. Undeniably, diesel engines have so much to offer as far as longevity, fuel economy, and torque are concerned. No wonder, diesel is a popular choice for truck buyers. The low-end grunt along with strong power makes it a perfect charge for heavy-duty towing. So, stop dismissing diesel and check out great deals on diesel-operated SUVs, trucks, family hatchbacks, and executive saloons.


Chevrolet Cruze Diesel: Why should you buy it?

Looking for a fun, sleek, efficient car that won’t cost you a fortune? This 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel could be one of the best vehicles you have ever owned. The oil-burning Chevy will save you tons of dollars at the pump. Note that it is available as both a hatchback and sedan. The two designs feature a 1.6-L 4-cylinder engine with a turbo. The unit generates 137 horsepower plus a hefty 240 lb.ft torque. As for the transmission system, there are two options: nine-speed auto and six-speed manual. At its optimal performance, the diesel Cruze Sedan gives 52mpg on the road.


BMW 3 Series Saloon: Still a legend?

Yes, the brilliant BMW 3 Series Saloon is still a legend. As long as it’s not the M sport, the saloon is an incredibly comfortable car to drive, not to mention the impressive interior. The manufacturer provides a wide array of diesel engines including the 2-liter 4-cylinder 320d 161bhp. The grunt is sufficient to keep you moving and spreads nicely through the rev range. The interior tweaks of the engine and aerodynamics are surprisingly cost-effective. You can expect a maximum of 74.3mpg on the highway.


Land Rover Sport Td6: What other diesel SUV beats the Range Rover?

Have you experienced a diesel sports car since Ronald Reagan left the White House? If not, this powerful Range Rover might dumbfound you. With a 443 pound-feet and 254hp, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Land Rover Sport Td6 is an unbeatable diesel SUV. It is highly recommended for adventurers who need frequent towing. The sports utility vehicle has everything you would expect from a modern 6-cylinder diesel engine: smoothness, efficiency, high power, and zero noise. Indeed, the manufacturer took an extra mile in creating a diesel-burning V6 engine that appeals to luxury car buyers.

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Volkswagen Golf GTD: Any compromises?

Here is a high-performance car with negligible compromises. This family hatchback seconds pricier models such as Audi A3 when it comes to quality. A fully fledged Golf GTD provides a perfect balance between fuel economy, performance, and fun. It features a 2-liter 181bhp engine that is super quick and returns up to 60mpg. The GTD is a sure Golf- comfortable, well-built, and practical. The competitors can be faster but would struggle to match its brilliance.


Chevrolet Colorado Diesel: Who is the truck for?

A truck with diesel efficiency and truck versatility could be everything you are looking for in a day-to-day drivable workhorse. Even at its lowest torque, towing with the oil burner is quite a breeze. It has a single truck segment that accommodates any upgrade on mpg. Like the GMC Canyon, Chevrolet Colorado diesel uses a 2.8-Liter 4-cylinder engine designed by Duramax. The unit is designed to give 369 pound-feet and 181 horsepower. On the highway, it returns 31 mpg. When properly furnished, the truck tows 7700 lbs.


BMW 328d: More than a luxury car?

Fuel efficiency and luxury go hand in hand in the 328d. You can expect a wider range and higher torque when using less fuel. Go for it if you are a driving enthusiast. The original sporty concept of the BMW is clearly exhibited in the BMW 328d. It provides everything that avid drivers love about the 3 Series, i.e., an up-market interior design, responsive steering, and taut handling. It may not be as speedy as the 60mph gas-powered counterparts, but there is so much fun behind its wheel even at the lower-end torque. At the heart of the BMW 328d is a 2-liter, 180hp, 280 pound-feet turbo engine. Luckily, you don’t need to choose between winter traction and efficiency.


Honda Civic: Why is it top-rated?

The Honda Civic hatchback steers its own course in terms of style. A sophisticated shape has replaced the divisive rhomboid design of the past models. The diesel option of the car is a bit controversial since the 1.6-liter DTEC engine provides a punchy performance and incredibly low emissions. The spearheading feature for high-mileage motorists is the 81mpg fuel economy. Moreover, a 93g/km carbon dioxide emission puts the hatchback in the 20% Benefit-in-Kind category. With a sporty low-driving position, there is massive entertainment behind the Honda Civic’s wheel. A spacious interior plus a big boot are also some of the most attractive features. The unmatched track record of reliability explains why Honda Civic is rated as a top diesel car of 2018.


Need a final thought?

Thousands of motorists today use diesel. Most diesel cars return 60mpg and more. Furthermore, they produce less carbon dioxide than their petrol counterparts. If you normally cover 10 to 12000 miles per year, one of these above diesel cars should be in your bucket list before 2018 ends.

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