Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

Bentley is claiming the Bentayga hybrid is the first luxury hybrid in the world. Evidently, they failed to notice the Porsche Cayenne hybrid. The hybrid is Bentley's first luxury hybrid, though, and ... it's a Bentayga! Only the best materials will be in the decadent interior, the infotainment system will be state-of-the-art, and it will most certainly handle like a dream, on and off the road. Here are the answers to questions you may have about the new hybrid Bentayga.


What type of engine or electric motor combination does the new Bentayga hybrid have under the hood?

Bentley hasn't released all the details on the hybrid's powertrain. We know the gas combustion engine is a 3.0-L turbocharged V-6, but we don't have details on the electric motor. The hybrid will go up to 31 miles on the electric motor alone. Horsepower, lb-ft torque and mileage figures will hopefully be released soon.


Has the price been announced yet for the new Bentley hybrid?

No, Bentley has not shared their suggested MSRP. A 2018 non-hybrid Bentayga costs between $195,000 and $230,000, so it's safe to assume it will be in that general ball-park.


When will the new Bentayga hybrid be available?

The Bentayga hybrid is a 2019 model. Bentley has announced they will begin taking orders around mid-2018; however, they haven't announced when vehicle delivery will occur.

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How easy will it be to switch from all electric to gas and electric while driving the new Bentley hybrid?

It will be very easy. The Bentayga hybrid will come equipped with three electric modes. The EV drive mode is electric only, the Hybrid drive mode combines the electric motor and gas engine and Hold mode utilizes the gas-powered engine only. The driver can select the mode or allow the car to determine the best power source for the road conditions.


Is the Bentayga hybrid a five-passenger SUV?

The new 2019 Bentley Bentayga hybrid is a five-passenger SUV, but it can also be a four-passenger SUV. You can get it with two seats in the back instead of the typical three-passenger bench. Other optional seating features include 22-way adjustable front seats, 18-way adjustable back seats, heated and ventilated front and back seats and massage capabilities in the front and back seats.


How much cargo room will there be in the Bentayga hybrid?

Bentley hasn't announced those details yet; however, it should be similar to the non-hybrid Bentayga models. The current Bentayga models have 15 to 17 cubic feet behind the back seat and just over 62 cubic feet with the back seats folded flat. That isn't a lot of cargo room for an SUV. CUVs like the Mazda CX-5 and Ford Escape have a total of 75.8 cubic feet of space. The Jaguar F-Pace has 63.5 cubic feet of cargo room.


How long will it take to charge the Bentayga hybrid battery?

The Bentayga's battery takes 2.5 hours to fully charge when you use a level 2 charger. You can also just plug it into a regular household outlet to refuel. If you do, it will take 7.5 hours to fully charge the battery. The MyBentley3 app will tell you when you need to charge up via your smartphone and give you directions to the nearest charging station.


What type of infotainment system will the Bentayga hybrid come with?

The Bentayga hybrid will come with an 8-inch touchscreen and a 60 GB hard drive. It can be programmed to communicate in your choice of 30 different languages. Additional options include a 10.2-inch tablet and a Naim audio system with 18 speakers.


Are there any other luxury hybrid SUVs that are as good as the Bentayga?

That is a really difficult question to answer since the Bentayga hybrid isn't even in showrooms yet. It is a Bentley, though, so it's fairly safe to say it will be an incredibly luxurious SUV with great handling. For comparison, you should take a look at the Porsche Cayenne hybrid. It is a five-passenger luxury SUV with all-wheel drive and athletic handling. The 2018 Cayenne hybrid only goes a total of 14 miles on battery power only, though. Hopefully, that will be improved on the 2019 model.

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