14 Awesome Cars Owned by The Rock

14 Awesome Cars Owned by The Rock

Imagine a man who's a best-selling author, successful television producer, and actor whose movies have a total gross of over 4 billion dollars. Imagine this man has a following as the most popular professional wrestler in history and is somehow still quite humble. Seems impossible, right? It isn't. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson does it all, and more. It's amazing that even with his fame and fortune, The Rock isn't a Hollywood diva. He's a big man who can buy big rigs. It, therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise that The Rock has some pretty cool rides in his stable.

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14Ford F-150

One of Dwayne Johnson’s mantras is “No one will outwork me no matter where we are at or what the job is.” And it seems he expects that same attitude in his daily drivers. He has several customized Ford F-150s and keeps at least one at each of his homes around the world. It seems his have to have aftermarket parts include lift kits, oversized rims and tires, and all the power that can be had out of whichever engine the truck happens to have in it.

131971 Chevy Chevelle


When the producers of the 2010 action film Faster started looking for a car that fit The Rock's got to get everyone dead today character they didn’t have to look far. The 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle that he drove in the film came from his own collection. The car originally came stock with a 325 horsepower 327-cubic-inch V8 and a three speed manual on the column but as can be seen in the movie Dwayne’s has more than a few upgrades added to it like a 454 cubic inch powerplant.

12Ferrari LaFerrari

The story behind Dwayne Johnson’s Ferrari LaFerrari would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Dwayne received the 950 BHP 6,3-litre V12 powered car complete with KERS technology taken from the company’s Formula 1 race car as a complimentary lease for advertising purposes. The only problem is that when the Ferrari designed the car, they never envisioned someone 6 feet 5 inches tall and 260+ lbs. being behind the wheel. Not only could The Rock not drive the rare hypercar, he couldn’t even shoehorn himself inside for a photo-op.

11Rolls-Royce Wraith


If you have got the cash, you should have at least one Rolls Royce in their garage and let’s face it. The Rock has the money to spend. Two things are surprising about the Rolls Wraith that Dwayne owns though: it is reportedly a base model with only a $317,000 price tag, and he rarely drives the car preferring his big Ford battle wagons instead. His is powered by 6.5-litre twin-turbo V12 engine that develops a maximum of 623 BHP and can go 0-60mph in 4.4sec, despite a curb weight of 2435kg and having no launch control.

10Cadillac Escalade

With a massive 6.2-liter V8 engine that pumps out a maximum of 403 BHP, the Cadillac Escalade is a Rock size vehicle that has Rock size power. Dwayne isn’t seen driving this tank often, but it seems to be one of his favorites when he is being driven around by others. Considering his work ethic, one can only imagine that all that cargo space and those huge seats come in handy as he goes from a movie set to a business meeting to a charity event without taking time to catch his breath.

9Aston Martin Vanquish Volante


Despite his muscle-bound persona and humble nature, Dwayne Johnson does have an appreciation for the finer things that all of his hard work has made available for him. One prime example is his Aston Martin Vanquish Volante which despite being considered more a luxury car than a pure sports car still posts some awe-inspiring numbers. The Rock’s S model has a 6000 cubic centimeter V-12 engine producing 580 bhp and delivering 0–62 mph in 3.5 seconds acceleration and a top end of 201 mph.

8Audi R8

The story goes that when Dwayne Johnson was at the Aston Martin dealership in bonnie old England, he happened to get his first look at an Audi R8 and immediately fell in love with the German sports car’s low slung and distinctive profile. He became even more enthralled when he discovered that it was one of the few mid-engine road rockets that he not only could fit in but drive comfortably. We imagine that it was a very good day for his salesmen.

7Pagani Huayra


If you have never seen a Pagani Huayra in person or even heard of the Italian sports car, it comes as no great surprise The Rock has one. They only make one hundred of them a year, and each carries a price tag of $1.3 million. While the few times he has been seen in public driving the car he has seemed less than comfortable he must be willing to put up with the limited space to experience a top speed of 238 mph, and a ludicrous acceleration time of 2.8 seconds. We know we would.

62017 Ford GT

Unfortunately, this a car that The Rock doesn’t own but wishes he did; him considering it one of the most iconic car designs of all times. For those not in the know, Dwayne Johnson is one of Ford Motor Company’s international ambassadors. While on a visit to the company's headquarters he spotted the car that won the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans and was ready to plop down the cash for a street-legal version of the car. As is often the case for the larger than life action star, he couldn’t fit inside and had to walk away from the purchase.

5Black Gorilla


Dwayne Johnson loves his for Ford F-150s. Though he owns several of the trucks, there is one that stands alone. The Black Gorilla is a 5.0-liter V8 engined 570 bhp factory customized behemoth that was specially built by Ford as a thank you present for all of the work that The Rock has done on the company's behalf.

4A Giving Heart

Dwayne Johnson for all of his fame is at heart a private yet giving soul. Those that follow him on social will see him posing with everything from a Navistar MXT to a Dodge Prowler but how many of these cars he actually owns remains a complete mystery and one that is not likely to be solved in the near future. What is known is that he takes extremely good care of the people in his life and loves to give cars away as presents.

3Dad’s Ford Explorer


It is no secret that The Rock idealizes his father and mentor Rocky Johnson. Of him, he says, “My dad, Rocky Johnson, is a minimalist. Always has been. Never asks me for much and over the years his needs are always the barest," To show his appreciation he bought his dad a sensible Ford Explorer in keeping with his personality as a Christmas present and just because he could.

2Mom’s Cadillac XT

Less you think that Dwayne Johnson would give his Dad a nice ride and forget about his mom, on the same Christmas he gave his mom a white Cadillac XT. This was the car she was driving later that same year when she was struck head-on by a drunk driver but escaped with only minor injuries. Always the thankful son, Dwayne bought his mother another Caddy to replace the wrecked one but this time in her favorite color, red.

1Not Just For Family


When The Rock realized Esperanza, his family’s maid had been taking care of them for ten years; he decided to celebrate her anniversary with something a little on the extravagant side. He gifted her with a brand new Ford Edge powered by a 285 BHP 6-cylinder 3.5-litre Duratec engine. Needless to say, she is still taking excellent care of The Rocks home and family.