2018 Top Volvo Models

Volvo cars are for being safe, and reliable vehicles because of their standards. Volvo also is known for a strong reputation developing modern technologies and quality into their fleets. Developed by the Ford Motor Company, the brand was born in 1927 in Gothenburg-Sweden. Volvo produces a variety of designs that range from SUVs, Sedans, Station-Wagons to exclusive compact coupes. The motor giant exhibits a variety of designs in the automotive industry. Including the use of padded dashboards. Volvo initiated the use of coated glass, side effect airbags, and the central-high fixed stoplight. Their car models wear a good looking face that balances art and technology. These features appeal to consumers who are big on appearances. Here are some Volvo models you might want to have on your shopping list if you are looking for safety and refreshed technology in your next car.


The 2018 Volvo S60

The 2018 Volvo S60 sports car comes standard with 240-horsepower, 258-lb-ft of turning power, 2000cc engine power, a turbocharger with4 cylinders. The engine routes power to the rear wheels with an EPA rating of 25/36 mpg city/highway or to a 4WD system with an EPA of 22/33 mpg city/highway. The cross-country design also utilizes the 4WD powertrain and has an EPA rating of 22/30 mpg. The available 2000cc turbocharged and supercharged four cylinders rating delivers a 302 horsepower & 295 lb-ft turning power joined to a 4WD system with an EPA rating of 22mpg in the city and 32mpg on the highway.


The 2018 Volvo S90

The 2018 Volvo S90 entry model with a T5 design comes with 250 horsepower, 258-ft-lb turning power, 2000cc engine power and a turbocharger with 4 Cylinders. It has an EPA rating of 24mpg in the city and 34mpg on the highway with rear-wheel drive. The T6 model comes standard with 4WD and possesses a 2000cc supercharged engine, 4Cylinders and has 316 hp with 295 ft-lb turning power. It's rated at 22/31 mpg city/highway. T8 hybrid design (4WD) packs the features of the engine above joined to an electrical engine that provides 400 horsepower. It has a 472 lb-ft turning power with EPA ratings of 26mpg in the city and 33mpg on the highway. It's capable of driving up to 21 miles on electric power alone.


The 2018 Volvo V60.

The 2018 Volvo V60 T5 entry design has features including 2000cc power engine, turbocharger, 4 Cylinders that produces 250 horsepower and 258 lb-ft turning power. It arrives with an EPA rating of 25mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway; it also features a rear-wheel drive. The 4WD, on the other hand, has an EPA rating of 22mpg in the city and 33mpg on the highway. The raised model comes standard with 4WD and entirely utilizes that T5 engine, it has an EPA rating of 22/30 mpg city/highway.

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The 2018 Volvo V90

The 2018 Volvo V90 has 250-horsepower, 258-lb-ft turning power, 2000cc power and is turbocharged with 4 Cylinders driving the base T5 design. It utilizes the rear-wheel-drive steady wagon with EPA-ratings of 24mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway. The sporty version has an EPA rating of 23/31 mpg on the city/highway. The T6 design is driven by a 2000cc power engine. It's turbocharged and supercharged with 4 Cylinders that generate 316 horsepower. It has 295 lb-ft turning power, an EPA rating of 22mpg in the city and 31mpg on the highway in the standard V90 sedan (comes standard 4WD for the T6 design).


The 2018 Volvo XC60

The base model XC60 is driven by a turbocharged engine, has 2000cc direct injection with 4 Cylinders that produces 250 horsepower at 5,500 rates pm. It has 258 lb-ft turning power at 1,500 rates pm. It comes with a vision package which has essential driver assistant features like blind-spot warning, traffic signs alert and other park assist selections. Other features include shiny metallic paint among others, leading to an MSRP starting at $44,690.

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