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What comes into your head immediately you hear the word, Mercedes Benz? Luxury, class, quality and hi-tech features are among the things that click first into our mind. Did you know that the Mercedes Benz model could rightfully claim ownership of the first world motorcar? Other than its outstanding reputation, Mercedes Benz has several range-topping models which include sedans, SUVs, and vans which cater for different budgets. Since the company's birthday in 1926, the German models have really transformed. Today they are known for their luxury features especially in the S-Class and G-Class. It's no surprise that this year's models had our mouths watering, just like they might yours. How about we take a look at what 2018 has to offer?


The 2018 Mercedes Benz G550

The 2018 G550 Mercedes SUV Class is placed above other models like the GLC-Class, GLA-Class, and GLS-Class. It's driven by a 416-hp engine with 450-lb-ft turning power and a twin-turbo V-8 engine. It has a 5500cc engine with an EPA rating of 13mpg in the city and 14mpg on the highway. The MSRP for the G550 starts at $220,000.


The 2018 Mercedes-GT C Roadster

The 2018 Mercedes GT-R possesses an adaptive, flexible suspension, active aerodynamics and trick rear-axle navigation. The track-focused variations of the GT are fascinating and stunning. Specially manufactured by Mercedes-AMG, the GT C-is also offered as a roaster, yielding up to 550-hp from a 4000 cc twin-turbo. The V-8 is joined to a seven-speed double-clutch auto-transmission. Halo GT Roaster has 577hp and a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds. Its MSRP starts at $145,995.


The Mercedes Benz C300 (C-Class Model)

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz C300 has three turbocharged trains; the 2, 3 and 4 liter engines-supported by either a 9-speed automatic or a 7-speed automatic for AMG 63 and the 63 S models. The C350e plug-in uses a crossbreed powertrain combined to a 7-speed automatic. All designs normally come with front-wheel-drive or with the existing 4Matic 4WD system. It has a seating capacity of 4 passengers with a fuel economy of 10.1L/7.8L per 100km on the city/highway. Its price ranges from $40,000 up to $53,000.


The 2018 Mercedes Benz G-Class

The entire G-Class SUVs; the G 350, AMG G 63 and G 500 have been improved vividly for effectiveness and performance. Available engine options for the 2018 G-Class include; a 5500cc engine with V8-382 horsepower and 391lb-ft turning power, 5500cc twin-turbo V8 with 536 horsepower and 560lb-ft turning power. It has up to 16% extra muscle with a related escalation in fuel economy. This leads to qualified, ultralow discharges but with the control power estimated from a service car. The train enhancements are attended and robust suspension and constancy.<br>The interior & exterior have been improved, and it has the accessibility of an AMG superior version. It has a variety of external colors and inner selections, plus technology skins. It's basically overwhelming since it offers purchasers the chance to modify their fantasy SUV. The MSRP for the G-Class sports utility starts from $128,100 to $290,500.


The 2018 Mercedes Benz S-Class

Admirers of the 2018 S-Class Benz will be enthusiastic to hear that an adaptable model will soon join the luxury side. Currently, purchasers have a selection of 3 vehicle models; the S-65 AMG, S-550 4Matic and the S-63 AMG 4Matic. These sedans have been made with the aim to look smooth however strong--with lack of support for a modernized contour, and hence they comprise all that defines Mercedes. They have night-view support and crosswind support expertise. The inside combines leather, metal, and wood. It also has a Scene Roof letting in the light in from above. The S Class also offers unique features like the highlighted Swarovski-LED headlamps. The AMG car provides a Night Suite selection and a highlighted sleek black fit on the external. MSRP for these models starts from $106,400 to $254,800.

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