Tesla Model X

We try out cars for various reasons. Here are some of the best that we got from people who wanted to try the Tesla; it has no engine, it is shockingly fast. Naturally, this is because it is attributed to Elon Musk. This was before some of the enthusiasts actually discovered that there is an SUV that fitted all the above definitions. And we had to borrow some skill from rugby players to tackle them down lest they went berserk reaching for every available Tesla key. The Model X is a combination of innovation and modern luxury. It is all in a big five-door hatchback. Really it's more of a full-size luxury crossover, which has three rows of seats. You might think that sounds a bit like a mom car. Well, the kid is off with the dad and the gloves are off. This thing goes really fast. The Tesla Model X is a pioneer in its segment. And it continues to set very high standards for anyone who wants to follow in the footsteps of an innovation giant.


How is the exterior?

The Model X has a very unique design. From the outside, it has a crossover design with a dropping roofline at the liftgate. The rear doors are a spectacle, some find it really cool and others an absolute annoyance. This is the falcon wing door feature that raises the rear door upward as opposed to outward, leaving plenty of access to the rear seat. The front doors open just like other cars' doors, and the windows are frameless. In the front, it has a well-defined windshield that is described as panoramic, perhaps due to the fact that it is really tall and it lets in a lot of sunlight. The entire ensemble rests on 20-inch wheels which are a big deal until the rear doors go up.


How is its performance?

The Model X accelerates in a way that many competitors cannot currently match, electric or otherwise. All trims in the lineup go from 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds. The higher sprung P100D gets to 60 in just a little less than 3 seconds making it one of the swiftest vehicles around. Though not the best rated in terms of mileage, the Model X still returns some good ratings equivalent to 91 mpge city and 95 mpge highway. The batteries can be charged at home or through one of Tesla's nationwide network of Supercharger stations.


How does it feel to drive one?

Ever heard that song "Behold he comes, riding on a cloud"? This could easily be said for the drivers/owners of the Model X. It is smooth, it feels light, and it is very silent. It is a big vehicle, yes, but that should not get you thinking that it is a lazy one. It handles like a sports car with sharp and precise steering. It may not be too good off the pavement since the clearance is a bit out of touch with the rugged world, but on the road, you will have an absolutely fantastic time driving it.

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How's the safety?

One word, outstanding! It has a perfect 5 out of 5 overall crash test result from the NHTSA. Some of the standard safety features are collision avoidance, automatic emergency braking, and a rearview camera.A Most noteworthy is the Autopilot system, which is a suite of driver assistance capable of driving the car independently.


Which are the available trims?

The base Model X, the 75D has a starting price of $79,500 and delivers a 237-mile range. The 100D has a starting price of $96,000 and provides a 295-mile range. The high-performance P100D starts at $140,000. It comes standard with a 289-mile range and the Ludicrous Speed upgrade. It is advisable to get a base 75D and upgrade it all the way; it should cost much less that way.

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