Top Luxury Cars in 2019

Get excited for what 2019 has to offer! A good run is temporary but class is permanent, and that's why manufacturers decided to bless us with luxury cars - they're for those of us who love a little more 'oomph' in our cars. After all, a car should make a bold statement about you. Most luxury cars come with trendy styling and many modern tech features. The driving experience usually is very engaging because they focus on performance. In 2019, we expect manufacturers to bring in new models, redesigning fan-favorites as well as resurrecting old models. Here are some of the best luxury cars you should look out for in 2019.


Is the 2019 Bentley Flying Spur a good vehicle?

We have been having too much fun with the this Bentley to notice that it has been with us for more than a ten years. This luxury saloon will be more distinctive than before. Being one of the most beloved Bentleys, we expect it to continue with its great run. Every good thing comes to an end; we expect this to be the last Bentley of the present era before the beginning of the electrification era. The current generation is based on the Bentley Continental GT; it only stands out because it is a four-door version. However, we expect the incoming model not to have the looks of the Continental GT.


Where does the 2019 Audi A4 stand?

This luxury sports sedan is one of the best in the market. The 2019 version will receive a sportier facelift after being around since 2015. The facelift is aimed at helping the A4 make more sales since it has been trailing the BMW 3 Series. They intend to introduce a more exciting and emotional character; something like Nicholas Cage in the Ghost Rider movie. Some of the changes will include: a lower grille, more pronounced Singleframe, tweaked bumper, revised air inlets as well as sleeker headlamps.


What about the 2019 Kia Stinger?

We rate this car as the best luxury small car in the market. Since it is only in its second model year, we expect the 2019 version to look like the current model. However, 2019 will bring something new - the Atlantica; a special-edition model. It is modeled around the GT2 AWD trim level, and only 500 of them will be available. There is no information about the pricing, but it shouldn't be too far from the current model (between $32,800 and $52,300.)


What about the 2019 Acura RDX?

This intermediate luxury crossover has a fresh A-Spec sporty treatment. The RDX has a wheelbase that is 2.5-inch longer and a width of 1.2 inches. The height has remained the same, but the hallmark beak grille now belongs in the history books. The 2019 version is a glimpse at what the brand will look like moving into the future. A drive in this car feels like a warm shower in a cold morning or a gentle back massage. It has comfort for days!


What makes the 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia special?

If this vehicle was in The Avengers movie series, then it would definitely be the Hulk because of its sheer power that puts its competitor to shame. Two powertrains will be offered by a coupe version of the car; it will come with an F1-style energy recovery system (ERS). The coupe will use a 345 hp turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. Another option will be the turbocharged 2.9-liter V6 engine that will deliver a shocking 641 hp. The ERS will help improve the power to an incredible 478kW. It outperforms the BMW M4 CS Coupe which produces 339kW and the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe which offers 375kW.

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