The Worst Luxury Cars

The formula for a luxury car is simple:  good looks + reliability + high-end comfort. If you're spending tens of thousands of dollars on a vehicle, you want to feel like you're getting the kind of little extras that make you feel good about dropping serious dollar on your ride. But it's so easy for people to get it wrong. So very very wrong.


How Can You Get The Exterior Wrong?

The Tesla Model X, like a lot of its high-end siblings, is from a family of electric car that is trying to make saving the planet look seriously sexy. While Tesla fans are notoriously ride or die, the biggest problem with this vehicle is a big problem: it’s really unreliable. In fact, Consumer Reports ranked this car as one of the most unreliable vehicles you can own, thanks to issues with the brakes, the drive system, and faults with the interiors. Not only that, but while the car has a sleek exterior, it’s also more than a little bit weird looking. The lack of a radiator grille changes the entire scope of the front of the car, and the doors are definitely on the hefty side. This car fits the luxury car price tag but doesn’t quite have the looks to pull it off.


What Do You Want From An Interior?

For some people, owning a luxury car is a question of status and power, and the Infiniti Q70 will help people realize when you’ve come on the scene - namely because the base model 330-horsepower V6 engine is so loud. Which isn’t a deal breaker in and of itself, and with a startlingly pleasant exterior and roomy inside, it creeps up to acceptable for a luxury car. Until you get to the interior, where the dedication to luxury looks a little bit too dated to be worth the price tag. The point of owning a luxury vehicle is not only to look like you're traveling in luxury but to feel like it. The controls are clunky and inelegant, and really lower the tone on the car. When you can find a better looking, classier car that’s cheaper to run, it’s fair to say the Infiniti Q70 is a technical KO.


Can You Get A Luxury Sports Car Wrong?

We know that for our next midlife crisis, we’re going the cliche route of a bright red convertible. However, that car will not be the Mercedes-Benz SLC. Which is a surprise, because you don’t get a reputation like the Benz’s without knowing what you do - and doing it very well. The SLC must have been a rush job. While the outside has an impressive finish to it, and it’s objectively a fine looking vehicle, that’s the best we can say about this beast - it’s all filler, no thriller. Most unforgivable of all, with a lackluster 241 horsepower engine, you don’t even get the boost of really satisfying driving. Definitely a miss.


What Looks Good, Feels Bad, And Breaks Down?

When it comes to luxury vehicles, you can’t ignore the pull of a Cadillac Escalade. After all, it has to be one of the most attractive SUVs in its class. It manages to look both sleek and powerful, offering you the best of both worlds. It comes with 20-inch rims as standard, although if you’re willing to put in the extra money, you can get 22-inches. Unfortunately, that’s where the positives end. The fuel economy is a low 16 mpg, which means it’s expensive to run. But you can’t judge this book by its cover. It’s a difficult ride, and handles clunkily, which you don't expect for this kind of money. To add insult to the potential injury in its poor braking performance, it’s also not particularly comfortable to drive thanks to a far too cramped cabin. And that’s if you can drive it at all. Consumer Reports have ranked this as the worst luxury SUV to buy. With issues ranging from engine trouble to electronics failing, this is one SUV that cannot be counted on.


What's Our Least Favorite Luxury Car?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some things are just ugly. And no matter how you try to dress it up, or how you try to make it better, and at over $50k for a base model, you really shouldn’t have to. When you're buying a luxury car, you don't want to apologize for anything about it - let alone everything about it. Which is where the Lincoln MKT loses all around. You can’t even make it seem better by arguing in favor of its performance. The interior is cramped, the performance is clunky, and it’s decidedly not worth it for the price tag.

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