The Jaguar XJR575

Someone drop the beat and give me a mic coz we can't just talk about this; it has got to be put in a song! Here's the real deal; a piece of science with looks resembling the ever so gorgeous RiRi (yes that's the cool way of saying, Rihanna). It has an interior as soothing as Sia's vocals and an engine that hits harder than Kimbo Slice! If you always thought that the Jaguar XJR was a bit of an underdog, take a seat because the thing just went legendary this year. While car manufacturers were busy loading their Glocks for the horsepower war, Jaguar skipped the small arms party. And went nuclear. We are talking about 575 solid horses on a lightweight sedan. The 2018 Jaguar XJR 575 is the kind of car that will have you shopping for a bumper sticker that reads "I am not just driving, I am busy qualifying for the rally."


What's the 2018 XJR 575?

The new XJR 575 is an improved and redesigned version of the XJ. It is a blue sedan with the dimensions of a limousine; it charges from 0-100 in an incredible 4.4 seconds, making it the fastest Jaguar production road car. This elegant looking machine replaces the outgoing XJR which was by no means an ordinary car. It goes without saying that it is as impressive on the road as it is in the showroom.


What's it powered by?

You've got to give it to the engineers at Jaguar. They packed a 5.0-liter in a sedan and just in case that was not enough for the driver; they thought it was a good idea to top it up with a supercharger. The result? 575 horses and 700 Nm of pulling power transmitted to the rear wheels by an eight-speed automatic. That sounds like a set up for a drag race.


How good are the looks of the 2018 XJR?

She is a beauty, inside and out. On the exterior, the stunning Velocity Blue ensures that the car stands out wherever you go. You simply can't be camera shy because you will get a lot of requests for selfies. This gorgeous body rolls on four shiny finish black 20-inch alloy wheels that ooze confidence and style. The area around the driver is packed with carbon-fiber finish coupled with leather and other elements of class and prestige. The leather seats inside have 18 adjustment levels, headrests with 575 stitched onto them as well as heating and cooling.


How does it feel like to drive the XJR 575?

The 575 packs a very powerful V-8 that growls in a low but thick sound, this changes into a blaring roar upon the slightest snap of the throttle. The acoustics are great, no doubt, but the real joy is in playing the instrument. Step on the gas pedal just about a quarter way down, and you are treated to a slam into the seat as the ghost inside the V-8 thrusts it into a leap. It continues through the gears with unbelievable ease, and as the revs go up, the supercharger whine can be heard. The cabin is well built to keep out the noise, but the quad pipes at the back are having none of that so you can expect some noise from them. The ride is pleasant and comfortable, and the car feels light as it responds aptly to the steering.


How safe is the XJR 575?

There are not too many new safety features on this Jaguar. However, there have been improvements as it now sports a 360-degree camera, autonomous emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.


How is the fuel economy?

The XJR lacks the hybrid engine offered by its rivals from BMW and Mercedes, but there is the option of a diesel engine. The V-8 is rated 15 mpg city, 23 highway and 18 combined. The base V-6 has better ratings but does not produce as much power.

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