The Alarmingly Excellent Buick Cascada

The New Buick Cascadais here with us. This stylish convertible can carry four people. You would be forgiven for thinking it is a rainbow because it offers numerous color options. It has an innovative soft top and a distinct design. It is more affordable than many of its rivals like BMW and Audi. The MSRP ranges from $33,070 to $37,070. It has made more sales than both the Audi A3 and A5. The Cascada has maintained its sophistication that is more than the Chevy Camaro and the hyper-masculine Ford Mustang. Its rivals are the more dominant convertibles, but the Cascada reigns supreme over other sub-$35,000 convertibles like Fiat 500, Volkswagen Beetle and the diminutive Mini Cooper.


Should we expect anything new?

The new Cascada model was first introduced in 2016 as a member of the pioneering generation of Cascada. Just like the 3000-year-old pyramids in Egypt, the [search label="Buick Cascada" items="Buick Cascada|BMW Z4|Jaguar XF|Luxury Sedans"] has remained pretty much the same.


What are the highs and lows of this vehicle?

We love that the base model comes with numerous features at an affordable price. The soft top provides good insulation against temperature and sound. It also has a huge trunk for a convertible; this is thanks to its folding backseat. In addition to these features, we love the minimal wind buffeting, quick-folding roof, and upscale interior materials. On the negative side, it has a complicated user interface, tight rear legroom, dated tech features, small touchscreen, poor acceleration, and minimal top-down trunk space. The fuel economy and handling of the Cascada is also hurt by its weight.


Where does the power come from?

The juice of this vehicle comes from a 200 horsepower 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with a capacity of 1.6 liters; it delivers 207 pound-feet of torque. The engine of the Cascada is mated to its 6-speed automatic transmission. Its EPA ratings fall behind its classmates; it offers 21/29-city/highway mpg. The new Cascada uses front wheel drive.


What are our thoughts about the interior?

This [search label="convertible" items="Luxury convertible|BMW convertible|Porsche 911|Audi A5"] can comfortably carry four average-size adults. We are in love with the extremely comfortable front seats; they are elegantly styled with contrasting stitching and subtle patterns. However, the dash has an outdated design that that is cluttered with little black buttons. Road noise is maintained at a minimum thanks to Buick’s Quiet Tuning. The top can be retracted to reduce the 13.4-cubic-foot trunk by nearly four cubic feet. The retraction also allows rushing air into the cabin.


What does the exterior have going on?

The Cascada has a length of nearly 185 inches; it is several inches wider and 10 inches longer than the [search label="BMW 2 Series" items="BMW 2 Series|Buick Cascada|Porsche 911|Audi A5"]. What does it gain from its size? Well, the added size gives it a powerful feeling, with a swooping rear quarter, pronounced wheel arches and sculpted sides. Unfortunately, the front-end styling is not so bold; the Cascada shows its Opel heritage with a rather basic grille and GM headlight design. When the top is in place, this vehicle exhibits a hardtop profile. We think that it is more appealing when the top is retracted.


Who should avoid it?

The Buick Cascada is not for you if you want a high-performance luxury convertible. You’re better off with an Audi A3 or a BMW 2 Series. It is also worth noting that this vehicle is only offered with a soft-top and front-wheel drive. Buick has earned many admirers over the years, but it is safe to say that it has a long way to go if it will compete against its German rivals. If it were a boxer, then it would be Tony Bellew, who competes in a lower league when compared to his high-profile friend Anthony Joshua.

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