The 2018 Lexus LS 500 F Sport

The new LS is now more trendy and sportier than before having received a new design. It has been receiving minor designs for the last ten years. The automaker has worked hard to bring a more competitive interior. It now comes with a V-6 drivetrain that is more efficient and more powerful than the original V-8. The F Sport trim is now available, and it even has hybrid and gasoline variants. If you have never been to Japan, then all you need is a drive in the LS and trust me. You’ll think you are in Tokyo! The LS is a true representation of Japanese luxury thanks to its andon paper lanterns that inspire ambient lighting, a trim that comes with kiriko cut glass as well as a wood and metal trim that leaves you thinking of traditional Japanese crafts.


What should we expect?

The new Lexus LS 500 F Sport comes with gauges that are inspired by LFA, aluminum pedals, an F SPORT mesh grille and front fascia, bolstered sport seats as well as an impressive dynamic control system. This vehicle blends an outstanding performance and a design to die for.


What are the pros and cons?

This vehicle has strong V-6, it is library-quiet, has distinctive world-class features in the interior and a soft, agile and solid ride quality. However, we feel that it has a slow pedal response and a driver can be distracted by the clever touchpad-based infotainment.


How much will I spend?

The F Sport is the high-end model, and it, therefore, comes as no surprise that it is the most costly LS version. The retail price of the LS 500 is $75,000. On the other hand, you’ll spend $81,000 to get your hands on a rear-wheel-drive version of the LS 500 F Sport. The price can even jump to $84,220 if you opt to upgrade to an AWD. For an extra $9,700, you can also consider adding its Performance Package that makes the F Sport fitter. It adds active stabilizers, variable gear-ratio steering and dynamic rear steering. However, the all-wheel-drive version doesn’t offer this package.


What do we think about it?

Lexus wants us to believe that the F Sport is as special as Meghan Markle’s wedding dress during the royal wedding but we don’t believe them. It is the range topper, and it even has a more aggressive interior, but the transmission and engine are below par. We acknowledge that it has some good chassis tweaks, an excellent exterior and some special features in the interior but the truth is that it lacks some extra oomph. It also falls short in the performance department when compared to rivals like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The LS 500 F Sport will have a mountain to climb especially considering that the Mercedes-AMG S63 and the BMW M760Li have come with fresh gear.


What about the interior?

The car has plenty of room to host four passengers although the low roofline might make it appear like a smaller vehicle. You can create some space with the reclining seats especially in the rear seats where taller passengers might struggle for headroom. The 2018 version prefers to give you a lot of comfort. The seats offer massage, cooling, and heating functions as well as an array of adjustments. The cabin puts a tomb to shame because it is very quiet the suspension “man-handles” rough roads.

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