The 2018 Chrysler 300 Vs 2018 Buick Regal

The 2018 Chrysler 300 is not perfect. But it can compete with other large cars thanks to its upscale, spacious interior and powerful engines. It comes with either all-wheel or rear-drive configurations. This full-size sedan comes after the discontinuation of the 200 midsize sedan; this means that it is the only sedan in the brand’s lineup. On the other hand, it is unfortunate that the 2018 Buick Regal trails its competitors in the midsize car class despite undergoing a full redesign. It has more cargo space. But it still falls short when it comes to reliability, technology features, and its interior quality. The competition between these two cars is as “tight” as the relationship between a lioness and her cub, but we’ll help you make a good choice.


How do they look like?

The Regal has wide accented air intakes on the windshield, the long raking hood and the lower fascia (you can confuse it with a performance sedan.) It has a slender sports coupe-like front end that comes with squinting headlights. It comes with standard 19-inch wheels made of aluminum. The exterior is tastefully decorated with satin and piano black aluminum. If it could be eaten, then it would taste something like candy! The front and rear of the 300 is squared off. The fascia and front grille look like high-end hints of Rolls-Royce and Bentley, only lacking Flying Lady hood ornament. The Chrysler 300C comes with standard spidery 20-inch aluminum wheels and bright LED lights. Although both cars are pretty, we like the looks of the 300 better because its luxury style is more conventional.


What are the highs and lows of these cars?

The Chrysler 300 has many positives; they include an infotainment system that is easy to use, roomy seats and strong engines. However, it has lower safety scores when compared to its competitors, a floaty handling, and an uneven ride quality. On the other hand, the Buick Regal has advantages like a swift GS trim and an outstanding cargo space. However, this car falls short because of its poor predicted reliability rating, dated infotainment system, unsatisfactory interior quality for the price and a subpar fuel economy.


How do we rate the Chrysler 300?

This large sedan is a good choice when compared to its classmates. Even at highway speeds, the 300 manages to stay as quiet as a tomb because of its high-quality interior. The Chrysler 300 has a very powerful V8 that acts as an optional addition to the standard V6 engine. However, we don’t like that the quality of the ride depreciates when it is on a rough pavement. In addition to this, it certainly sucks that it offers poor handling and lower safety ratings when compared to most of its rivals.


What makes the Regal tick?

The Regal stands out mostly for its large cargo space. The all-new TourX and the Regal Sportback come with 73.5 cubic feet and 60.7 cubic feet of cargo space, respectively. This is more space than the majority of its rivals. The voluminous cargo space might tempt you, but the truth is that you’re better off buying one of its classmates like the Buick LaCrosse with a more modern interior or the Honda Accord which offers energetic handling and superior fuel efficiency.


Which technological features are on offer?

We have listed the special features of these vehicles since most of their standard features are comparable. The 300 has a standard 8.4-inch display to go with its Uconnect 4C system, dual-panel sunroof that is absent in the Regal, upgraded navigation as well as the premium rear-window power sunshade. It also has many driver-assistive options like rain-sensitive wipers and Adaptive Cruise. It also has 19 Harmon Kardon technology speakers. The Buick Regal has many driver-assistive features like adaptive cruise control, follow distance indicator, front and rear park assist as well as forward collision alert. A non-nav 8-inch screen is standard.  You also get a touchscreen navigation system (8 inches) and wireless charging.


What is our verdict?

This race is as close as the rivalry of Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi but the 2018 Chrysler 300 takes the day because of its superior tech features, style, and performance.

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