The Incredible BMW M3 CS

I’ll be the first to admit that it is hard to please automotive journalists because we always want more. However, the BMW M3 CS is one of those cars that ticks all the right boxes. It is like a masseuse who hits all the right areas to leave satisfied and begging for more. This is BMW’s special edition that ensures that you enjoy greater exclusivity and a top-notch driving experience. When compared to the standard M3, it has unique design features, outstanding engine enhancements, and a lighter weight. It offers a healthy blend of performance and practicality. This vehicle will allow you to go fast, transport your family while you still have fun.


How does it perform?

This vehicle has a top speed of 174 mph and only needs 3.7 seconds to move from 0 – 60 mph. The engine behind it is an M TwinPower Turbo 3.0L 6-cylinder inline. It works with a 7-speed M Double Clutch Transmission that shifts quickly. The vehicle delivers 443 lb-ft of torque and 453 horsepower that goes up from the M3’s original 444 hp. The BMW M3 CS has an unmistakable soundtrack that is facilitated by the M sports exhaust system. This vehicle reminds me of my favorite rapper Rick Ross because it has lost a lot of weight just like him, no pun intended. I don’t know if the M3 CS has been hitting the same gym with him, but it has certainly become lighter than a feather. The BMW M3 CS is an even better performer because the manufacturer removed parts with Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic thus making the car lighter. It has better handling because the weight loss has lowered its center of gravity. It also comes with other performance features like Adaptive M Suspension, M Servotronic Electromechanical Steering, and a DSC Stability Control System.


What are the pros and cons?

Well, we love the fact that it has a gorgeous interior upgrade, more sound and it delivers all its power at all times. However, we don’t like its limited availability and its lack of a manual gearbox.


What makes the M3 CS stand out?

For starters, it stands out because of its carbon-fiber bonnet that comes with an extra cooling vent. There is a fresh front splitter on the exposed weave carbon fiber. The new rubber will be more effective thanks to the tweaked electronic dampers. Also, the Michelin Cup 2 tires now work with a re-tuned suspension.


What about the driving experience?

If the 2018 BMW M3 CS were a body part, then it would be the heart because it feels very alive. The rear axle can only be upset if you are very aggressive. It has an outstanding grip when in a dry environment. The CS makes more committed turns, and the steering has more precision. On the other hand, when road surfaces depreciate, the ride can become a little choppy even when the vehicle is in Comfort mode.


What do we think about it?

[search label="BMW" items="BMW dealer|Genesis|Lexus|Audi"] enthusiasts will notice that this is the best M3 we have seen so far. It delivers plenty of power, customized suspension settings, wheels, and styling. It also has a sharper chassis. Although it has a stratospheric price and a slightly harsh ride, its M-badged heritage makes it worth your money.

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