Mercedes-Benz G-Class

It looks like it has been stored in an old barn under a tarp for 40 years. You're mistaken though. There's no need to take it down the highway and blow out the accumulated sediment. You may want to take this powerful wagon off-road to blow off your own steam, though. This fabulously vintage-looking SUV has been completely revamped for 2019. Don't worry. Mercedes-Benz retained the "antique" look. They just smoothed out the edges a little. It still comes well-equipped with everything needed to go rock crawling and find your way home.


Does the 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class look like a new SUV?

No, it still looks like a very well-preserved vintage SUV. Mercedes-Benz did do some major updating. The sharp edges have been gently smoothed and rounded, giving it a slightly softer appearance, and the windshield is gently curved. They even tightened the panels up to reduce the gaps. The only exterior parts that haven't changed are the door handles and spare tire cover.


Did they make the 2019 G-Class smaller?

Mercedes-Benz actually made the G-Class slightly larger for 2019. It is just over 2" longer and almost 5" wider. The G-Class also has more room inside with an additional 1.5" of front legroom and almost 6" of additional rear legroom. It is lighter by 375 pounds, which will hopefully improve its fuel efficiency.


Has the G-Class interior been changed for 2019?

This is where Mercedes-Benz has really brought the G-Class into the 21st century while retaining a few of the old touches. The 2019 G-Class comes with a 12.3" navigation display and the round vintage-looking instruments. A wide-screen display with digital round instruments is an available option. <br><br>The new G-Class comes with leather upholstery and both the front and rear seats are heated. It also comes with 3-zone automatic climate control, a Burmester stereo, and laminated acoustic windows. One thing that might really disappoint the true traditionalists is the updated cupholders. They have been completely redesigned. The weird mesh-net drink holders are no more.


Did Mercedes-Benz make any changes to the G-Class suspension for 2019?

The suspension has been completely updated for 2019. The live front axle is gone. It was replaced with an independent suspension, making it much easier to handle while navigating city streets. A new rack-and-pinion steering set-up will also help improve handling.


Is the 2019 G-Class good for off-roading?

The 2019 G-Class has superb off-roading capabilities. Fording depth is now 27.6" which is almost 4" more than previous models. Ground clearance is 10.6" beneath the front axle gear and 9.5" to the axles. The break-over angle is 26 degrees, and the angle of approach is 31 degrees.


Did Mercedes-Benz put a new engine in the G-Class for 2019?

No, the 2019 G-Class will have the same 4-L, twin-turbocharged, 416-hp V8 that produces 450 lb-ft of torque at 2000 rpm. It does have a new nine-speed automatic transmission with specially-modified torque converter and transmission software. It also gets a new transfer case for full-time AWD. <br><br>Steering, engine, suspension, transmission and assistance capabilities can be easily adjusted on the new G-wagon with the addition of Dynamic Select. You can switch between Comfort, Sport, Eco, G-Mode and Individual settings to get the best handling experience for various driving conditions. G-Mode is the one you want for off-roading.


How much will the new G-Class cost?

Prices haven't been officially announced yet. The 2018 G 550 model has a base MSRP of $123,600. The 2019 model will most likely start out at right around $125,000. They are expected to be available toward the end of 2018.


Can I get a better SUV than the expensive Mercedes G-Class?

That is a difficult question to answer, since the 2019 G-wagon hasn't come out yet. You can definitely do better than the 2018 G-Class. Luxury SUV's like the Infiniti QX80 and the Land Rover Range Rover are better buys than the old G-Class. They get better mileage, handle better on the road and cost much less than the G-Class. If you are smitten with the vintage look of the G-Class or are a serious off-road enthusiast, it might be worth the money for you. <br><br>With the expected improved fuel efficiency and handling capabilities of the upgraded 2019 G-Class, that could completely change. If you need a new SUV now, go with one of the less expensive luxury models. If you can wait another year, I would say hold off until the new G-Class has been on the roads for a few months to see if it really is worth it.

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