Mercedes B Class

Mercedes designed this year's B Class to be more comfortable and more agile on the road, providing exemplary luxury and performance. Who says you can't have it all? The 2019 Mercedes B Class is here to tell you that you can and at a price that won't break the bank. It has received more than an exterior upgrade; it is also packed with the latest technology in both the infotainment offerings and safety features.


How has the 2019 B-Class changed from last year’s model?

One of the most noticeable changes in the new Mercedes B-Class is its sportier, more dynamic look. Except for the taller roof, it looks basically like an A-Class. The 2019 also features a more efficient, cleaner-running turbocharged engine. It also offers a higher level of comfort, with more interior room than the 2018 model.


What interior features does the new Mercedes B-Class offer?

The 2019 model’s sharp focus on practicality does not mean you will do without the luxury you expect from Mercedes-Benz. The front seats are flat, providing greater comfort, and the generous amount of headroom provides an extra level of relaxation. Everyone can stay comfy with the dual temperature options on the climate control system. For entertainment and communication on the road, the new infotainment system has everything you and your family need. Choose the two 7-inch touchscreens or the 10.5-inch display to enjoy your favorite music and videos. It is Apple CarPlay compatible and offers smartphone integration with Android Auto. Or relax with Bluetooth audio streaming, whatever you choose.


How does the exterior look?

The updated exterior is, perhaps, the most important upgrade on the 2019 model. With a sporty look that the previous B-Class lacked, the new Mercedes boasts a sleeker design. With the plastic cladding no longer around the front, the elegant grille design adds a touch of class. The angular LED headlights and pointed taillights help complete the new, more exciting look.


What kind of passenger and cargo space does the new model provide?

There is room for five passengers in the 2019 B-Class. However, the back seats seem a little cramped. The 2019 B-Class offers more cargo space than its predecessor, which offered 17.2 cubic feet with all seats up and 54.6 cubic feet with the back seats down.


How safe is the 2019 Mercedes B-Class?

The new B-Class is loaded with the latest safety features. It offers two sets of LED headlamps for better vision, without blinding oncoming drivers. These are integrated with daytime-running lights and come standard on the 2019. The top-of-the-line driving assistance features available put it ahead of the rest, in terms of safety. Its Pre-Safe Plus System can monitor potential rear collisions and automatically brakes to avoid collision. Other features on its very long list include blind-spot monitoring, lane-centering steering assist, active emergency stop, and speed-limit assist.


Can I afford a new B-Class?

The 2019 B-Class offers two trim options: the B 250 Sports Tourer and the B 250 4MATIC Sports Tourer. The B 250 Sports Tourer starts at $32,250 MSRP, while the 4MATIC begins at $38,200.


How powerful is it?

While it may look like a mild-mannered SUV, the 2019 B-Class hatchback is anything but mild. With a turbocharged 2-liter engine capable of 208 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, it is available in either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

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