Karma Revero

Springboarding from the ingenuity and style of its Finnish creator, the Karma Revero is being updated and relaunched from its new home in California, U.S.A. Ultra-luxury means more than fine interiors an stylish curves. It means that the Karma Revero will come with its own individual company representative who stays in touch with the owner up to delivery and beyond. It's also one of a few cars which employ serial hybrid technology which uses both external charging and gas-powered charging to keep the battery topped off. Karma Revero is also, with Tesla and Rimac, a member of an elite group of cars offering true connectivity.


What is a serial hybrid car or series plug-in hybrid, and why does the Revero employ that technology?

Serial hybrids are also known as extended-range electric vehicles (EREVs) which provides one answer to the question: greater range. Electric motors can provide a much more responsive car than gas, also. Beyond performance and range, the drivetrain is significantly simplified as there's only one mechanical power transfer point, from the electric motors to the wheels, and the gas engine runs independently as a generator.


As an ultra luxury vehicle, what kinds of luxury features does the interior offer the driver and passengers?

The Revero interior material options are both selective luxury choices and source-conscious by design. Bridge of Weir from Scotland provides leather for the interior as it has for iconic cars over many decades, from Aston Martin, Saab and Citroen to DeLorean, Volvo and Renault. Wood details for the interior, if selected, are specifically from fallen-tree sources. The six interior stylings provide tailored, carefully appointed upholstery and even the infotainment system, a point of frustration even in many standard production luxury vehicles, is said to be well beyond the norm in speed and performance. Details are what make an exceptional experience, and the Revero even makes sure to include several high-current USB ports for fast charging and tablet use along with standard one amp outlets.


What's the range and what are typical performance numbers for the Karma Revero?

The Revero supplies electric power to two rear-axle motors (RWD). There is no need for a multi-speed transmission because the gas engine, really a generator, is a 2.0-liter, turbo inline four which runs only to charge the batteries. EPA estimated range is 32 miles as an EV, 220 including generator. Higher numbers have been reported by others in the 50 mi EV, 300 combined range. The electric motors supply 403 hp, 921 lb-ft. There are a variety of driving modes and the 0-60 mph time varies with the one selected. For Sport mode it's 6.0 seconds, Sustain 7.1 and Stealth, full EV mode is 7.9.


How does the Revero compare to the Fisker Karma, its predecessor?

There's a bit of a convoluted path via a Chinese company from Finnish Fisker to California-based Karma Automotive. Much of the underlying technology and mechanical design are carried over from the Fisker, but the styling, interior sound reduction, and amenities have been significantly updated. Karma Automotive has plans for the Revero and has definitely made it their own.


The Karma Revero has three levels of charging rather than the usual two. What does that provide?

There's a common charge rate for overnight battery refilling at home, Level 1, which takes 10 hours to full charge. There's also a higher-speed rate, Level 2 which is useful for daytime recharges at 3.75 hours to full charge. The Revero also has a mode where it can charge to 80 percent in 24 minutes, like a Tesla Supercharger.


What exterior features and styling does the Revero have?

The Karma Revero is a sports car style design, with a 0.313 coefficient of drag which not only helps performance but helps address the wind noise which is a typical EV annoyance. Elegant curves and an aggressive grille flanked by recessed headlight assemblies turn heads as the Revero approaches on extra-large 22-inch wheels. The rear appearance is simple but elegant by day, with taillights unique enough to announce it to drivers as it leaves them behind at night.


What's it like to drive the Revero?

It's quiet. Eerily quiet, says one reviewer. Even with the internal combustion engine running, the Revero is designed to minimize its vibrations as well as road noise and wind noise. Traditional powertrain noise is, of course, missing which can be disconcerting. Three drive modes let the Revero pilot choose both performance and resource type (electric or gas). This also helps to comply with local regulations such as EV-only city centers. The three modes are Stealth which is pure battery power, Sustain which is generator-powered keeping EV in reserve, and Sport which combines resources for top performance. The Revero is heavy, over 5,000 pounds, but has a nearly 50-50 weight distribution and adjustable steering effort, so it will drive well and respond according to the driver's taste.


There's actually a third charging source for the Karma Revero -- on the roof. How much does it contribute?

The rooftop solar panels were a supply for accessories in the Fisker car, but now they supply up to 200 watts to the main batteries. That amounts to three more miles in the sunshine, less on a cloudy day.


What is the Karma Rivero's connectivity feature?

Using Certicom cryptography to help secure its QNX-secured data flow, the Rivero joins Tesla and Rimac cars in embracing infotainment and telematics features and over-the-air firmware updates. While this feature is exclusive to luxury vehicles at the moment, it's an area to watch in other models in the coming years.

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