Coming Soon: Ferrari SUV

The all-new Ferrari SUV has been fast-tracked for a sooner-than-expected release in late 2019 to early 2020. Ferrari Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne has seen the "FUV," but he's not sharing details with us just yet. He has stated that it will be the fastest luxury SUV in the world and that it will "drive like a Ferrari." So, if you're being pressured to give up your high-performance sports car for a family wagon, try to hold off a little longer. You may be able to trade up to a high-performance, luxury SUV.


Why is Ferrari getting into the SUV class?

Profits. SUV's are all the rage these days. They are the most popular type of vehicle on the road. Ferrari Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that the company will no longer carry any debt at the end of this year. He added that the FUV, known as the F16X, will play a big part in this financial turn-around by helping to double the company's profits by 2022.


How much will a Ferrari SUV cost?

The MSRP for F16X models being sold in the United States has not been announced yet. The Asian market will be the biggest target for Ferrari when the new SUV becomes available. The base price for the new FUV in China is expected to be over $350,000.


Will the new Ferrari SUV seat five people?

We don't have all the details yet; however, the FUV is expected to have room for four passengers, including the driver.


Will the Ferrari SUV be rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive?

The FUV will probably be an all-wheel-drive vehicle with a system similar to the system Ferrari developed for the GTC4Lusso. Nothing has been officially announced about the drivetrain, though.


What type of engine will the new Ferrari SUV have?

The F16X will most likely have a V8. It will probably be a version of the 3.9-L twin-turbo engine that Ferrari puts in the RWD GTC4Lusso T model. Again, this is speculation based on what Ferrari has been doing recently with other models.


Will there be a hybrid model of the Ferrari SUV?

Nothing has been announced yet about whether or not there will be a hybrid FUV. It is possible, though. New, more stringent emissions regulations go into effect in 2020 and Ferrari is very aware of them. Marchionne stated, "The fines are so severe that we would stop selling the cars that would bring them on. It's not pretty." A hybrid version of the F16X could certainly be at least a part of the long-range plan. It could help Ferrari remain compliant with the new emissions regulations.


Are there other luxury SUV's that are better than the new Ferrari SUV?

Since the F16X isn't out yet, there is no way to be sure. Other luxury automakers have recently begun producing SUV's. Certainly, they will give Ferrari some worthy competition. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio and the new Stelvio Quadrifoglio are going to be close competitors. In fact, Marchionne specifically mentioned the Stelvio, stating, "So far, the fastest SUV belongs to Alfa, and I don't think Ferrari fears Alfa. It will do its best to build the fastest SUV." <br><br>Lamborghini is also working on a new SUV called the Urus. It is expected to hit the market a little sooner than the F16X. This luxury SUV will most certainly be competing very closely with the FUV. <br><br>The Porsche Cayenne is also going to give the F16X some stiff competition. Marchionne said that the creation of the FUV is not being done to "one-up" Porsche, though. <br><br>Bentley's Bentayga has been wildly successful. It will most certainly be comparable to the F16X. It is within the same price range, and Bentley claims the Bentayga is the fastest SUV currently on the market with a top speed of 187 mph. <br><br>Jaguar's recent entry into the CUV class, the F-Pace, is certainly going to be a close competitor for the F16X. The F-Pace is entering its second year of production and has gotten very good reviews.

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