Bentley Reinvents The Flying Spur

Originally called the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, this car got a redesign and name change in 2014. Volkswagen dropped the "Continental" part of the name and focused on a model with better fuel economy. Bentley was once an independent race car manufacturer and seems to have returned to its roots with the latest models of the Flying Spur. These are fast executive sedans and coupes that have the Volkswagen turbocharged W12 engine. Buyers come to the table already aware that the cost of the car is as much as the mortgage on some homes. However, with an engine that can get up to 521 horsepower and hardware that seems to be full of genuine leather, this all-wheel-drive eight-speed automatic is worth the spend.


Does the redesign make the Bentley Flying Spur more affordable?

Let's face it; the Bentley is a luxury car. This means it will come as an offer locked in a high-end price range. The price point enables you to end up with a top-notch material like lamb's wool for carpeting. There are very few options for improving the affordability of the Flying Spur other than earning the disposable income. It is the dream car for many, but only a segment of the affluent population can actually sign for credit and take this car home.


What are some of the other luxury features?

You can expect some options on the Flying Spur to move beyond the conventional idea of luxury. This includes a remote-controlled rear-seat entertainment system embedded in the front row headrests. This multimedia interface has a touchscreen for both front and rear passengers that includes an Audi-style Google Earth integration and two DVD players. In some versions of this bespoke model, you can expect shiny aluminum trim panels and glossy black consoles rather than the customary wood grain. With hand-stitched leather on the seats, there is very little plastic in the design, but where it is necessary, the plastic is thick and high quality.


How fast is the redesigned Bently Flying Spur?

The 5,580-pound Flying Spur has the same twin-turbo 6.0 liter W12 that appeared in the Continental GT. It has an output of 600 horsepower with 533 lb-ft of torque. Many buyers are aware that this Bentley can gain top speeds of 200 mph, but it also moves from zero to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Steering column-mounted paddle shifters give you direct access to a six-speed gearbox. You will just need to change the ZF transmission to "S" or sports mode.


Is there a less expensive version of the Bentley Flying Spur?

The Bentley brand experimented with introducing a more affordable version of the Flying Spur in 2015. This year model had a 500 hp turbocharged V-8 engine, which many drivers liked better than that the high-end engine. The V-8 engine is lighter and distributes weight better and gives the driver a bit more control. The good news for that model was that it had a sticker price that was only around $21,000 cheaper. This still does not get to the range that most car buyers can afford.


What was the difference between the original and the first Flying Spur update in 2009?

The Bentley Continental Flying Spur launched in 2006. It was a four-door counterpart to the two-door Continental GT. The Continental GT held a twin-turbocharged W12 engine with 552 horsepower going to all four wheels. From launch, this Bentley issued top speed of 195 mph top speed, though some test drivers had pushed the limit all the way to 200 mph. The first update for the Flying Spur was in 2009. Volkswagen revised the styling and added a new 600-horsepower version called the Speed. It was a much sturdier version than the Continental GT and better able to handle winding roads. Reviews for the Speed cast it as a fast sports sedan, and it proved its mettle when placed in a test run against the Rolls-Royce Ghost and the Aston Martin Rapide. Although the Speed did not look the most exquisite on the road, it easily pulled ahead of the other two cars on the road. This is how the luxury Flying Spur, which appeared at times to ride like a luxury limo, earned its reputation as a 200 mph four-door sports car.”


Who drives a Bently Flying Spur?

Whether you intend it to be the case or not, a car projects a certain image to onlookers who see you driving. A hybrid electric vehicle, for example, may signal to people that you are environmentally conscious and prefer a modest image. People who drive a Bentley obviously have the disposable income to afford to pay more than $200K for a vehicle. For the average person, the payments on this car would equal a mortgage. On the other hand, purchasing a Bentley is a discreet way to spend money on a car, if you are wealthy. It does not scream your income to the crowd like a Lamborghini or Bugatti. The people who buy this car are often highly successful an income of more than $30 million. Many Bentley buyers are also self-made and not interested in impressing others.

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