Stunning Maserati Models

Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati has a limited line of vehicles to offer, although there is a model to suit everyone's needs. From the mid-size SUV to the small sporty coupe, you would certainly find one that fits. But, would you want to? Maserati is well-known for luxury cars that generally offer a smooth, comfortable ride and agile handling. They've updated the infotainment and safety features, which is great. They are a bit over-priced, though, and don't get good gas mileage. Of course, if you can afford one, you might not be all that concerned about fuel efficiency. Here are the answers to questions you might have about the Maserati models.


Are there any new Maserati models for 2018?

No, Maserati hasn't changed its lineup for 2018. The Levante SUV, Ghibli sedan, Quattroporte sedan and sporty GranTurismo are the four Maserati models.


Did Maserati make any big changes for 2018?

Maserati joined nearly every other car manufacturer for 2018 by adding an available suite of active-assist safety features. This suite includes traffic sign recognition, rear cross traffic alert, forward collision warning, lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, front and rear parking sensors and a 360-degree camera. Standard safety features are limited to a rearview camera.


Is the Levante a crossover or an SUV?

The Levante is actually a CUV or crossover SUV. That means it has unibody construction like a car rather than an actual frame like a truck.


How many people can fit in the Maserati Levante?

The Levante is a five-passenger CUV. The driver's seat and front passenger seat are very roomy, comfortable and supportive. The back seats are a little short on headroom. It is fine for children, but taller adults may find it uncomfortable. The Levante also has two full sets of LATCH connectors in the back seat for kid's seats.


Is there lots of cargo space in the 2018 Levante?

Cargo room in the Levante is not what anyone would categorize as generous. It would more accurately be described as adequate. It has a total of 57 cubic feet of space with the back seats folded flat and 20 cubic feet behind the seat when it is in its upright position. Just for comparison, many CUV's in its class have over 80 cubic feet of total cargo room. The 2018 Levante starts out at $75,000, which is reasonable for a luxury CUV. However, a few of its competitors cost less than $60,000. The Lexus RX 350, for example, costs between $43,270 and $54,085, has about the same cargo space and gets much better mileage. The Lexus RX gets 20 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. The Levante gets 14 mpg in the city and 20 mpg in the highway.


What is the cheapest Maserati model?

The most inexpensive Maserati is the Ghibli sedan, which is available in nine trims. Starting MSRP for the base Ghibli trim is $73,050. The next trim level up is the Ghibli S which starts at $78,750. The top-of-the-line Ghibli S Q4 GranSport has a starting price of $86,750.The Ghibli is a mid-size five-passenger sedan that comes with leather upholstery and a nice infotainment system that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. It also has an 8.4-inch touchscreen embedded in the center stack. The infotainment system can be upgraded to include navigation, Wi-Fi, and a Bowers & Wilkins stereo system. Under the Ghibli hood, you'll find a 3.0-L 345-hp twin-turbo V6 in the base model, GranLusso and GranSport combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Ghibli models with the 345-hp engine get 17 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. The other trims come equipped with a 424-hp version of the 3.0-L V6. They get 16 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway.


Is the Maserati GranTurismo a two-seater?

The GranTurismo is a sporty, two-door, four-passenger car that's available in either coupe or convertible models. Starting price for the coupe model is $134,625. GranTurismo convertibles start out at $152,265. The interior is as luxurious as you would expect with leather upholstery and high-end trim. It also comes with the new infotainment system and 8.4-inch touchscreen. Its engine is a DOHC 32-valve V8 that makes 454 hp at 7,000 rpm and 384 lb-ft of torque at 4,759 rpm.


Is the Quattroporte bigger than the Ghibli?

The Quattroporte is larger than the Ghibli. It is a full-sized luxury sedan with 18 cubic feet of trunk space. It also has a split-folding back seat that makes it easy to haul longer items or access items in the trunk from within the car. Quattroporte is available in all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. It is also available with either the 3.0-L 424-hp twin-turbocharged V6 or a 3.8-L 523-hp twin-turbocharged V8. Mileage figures are not great at only 15 to 16 mpg in the city and 22 to 23 mpg on the highway. It comes with the same infotainment system and optional active assist safety features as the other models. Prices range from $105,600 for the base S trim to $136,600 for the top GTS GranLusso trim.

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