The Classic Lincoln Continental

"I'm a classic man. You can be mean when you look this clean, I'm a classic man. Calling on me like a young OG, I'm a classic man". Sing along with me if you know Jidenna's "Classic Man". Truth be told, the song is really great. But who are we to talk about great or not so great songs? Maybe we'll just stick to what we do best, car advice, and today it is a really classic affair. Perhaps the only other thing that you will hear today that's better than music to your ears is great news. And that is exactly what we have here. The elegant looking and age-defying symbol of American motoring esteem is here. Newer, better, slicker and as always, full of class. Now if you please, put on your neatest suit and take a walk with us through the new Lincoln Continental.


How can it be described?

It should suffice to say that this is Lincoln's newest attempt to leave the biggest footprint in the luxury cars' hall of fame. Being a car that sits in the space of a new luxury car, this beauty has what it takes to make comfort enthusiasts go crazy. Not only does the Continental feature an amazing distinction, it also carries a fresh new styling and a host of updated features that give it high scores in its class. The Lincoln Continental goes even further with the Ford underpinnings that make it even more impressive. Front and all-wheel drive are also available.


What's new in the Lincoln Continental?

The new Lincoln Continental is a hallmark figure when it comes to styling. It features sumptuous interior and distinctive technological features that redefine luxury in modern sedans. There's a new spacious cabin which features a 10-speaker stereo, perfect wood trim, and beautiful lighting. On top of that, there are the optional 30-way adjustable front seats. As for the new powerhouse, three V-6s are offered; a 305-hp 3.7-liter, a 335-hp twin-turbo 2.7-liter and a 400-hp twin-turbo 3.0-liter. All three engines either power the front or all four wheels. The proof, as always is in the pudding and the new ride feels as smooth as butter. There's no denying that Lincoln has got it figured out this time in matters luxury.


What's under the hood?

The Continental allows its users to become one with twin-turbocharging. Thanks to an available Twin-Turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine, you get efficient? horsepower-per-liter output and an AWD powertrain. Additionally, the Continental comes with standard Dynamic Torque Vectoring, all-wheel drive, 400 ponies and 400 lb-ft. pulling power. Once you have had it, it is definitely a ride you will want to feel again.

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What are the pros and cons of this car?

Just like any other vehicles in the market, this elegant sedan comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the features you will love in the new Continental include an exceptionally spacious rear legroom that chauffeur-driven passengers will find awesome, low cabin noise at high speeds and a strong engine to power the big car. The gearbox, however, raises some eyebrows with some occasional disruptive shifts that are somewhat rough.


What are the trim levels and features of the Lincoln Continental?

Three engines are available for the continental. The entry-level engine comes standard on the Premiere & selects trims, the second engine is turbocharged and mated to a 6-speed auto-transmission with either front wheel drive or all-wheel drive setting. The third engine option is also turbocharged, and its power is managed by packaging it with a torque-vectoring AWD system. This engine is also linked to a 6-speed automatic transmission system.

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