The Brand New Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is already turning heads with the noticeable changes to its newest model. Even though the majority of the updates are minimal, the manufacturer has continued to improve upon its platform. The model is already backed by one of the highest-rated reputations in the industry, which has consumers buzzing. Many enthusiasts are dissecting the meaning behind some of the key updates, as well. It appears that the more substantial changes are based on technological advances, while the minor adjustments are due to consumer feedback and shifting industry standards. Though no vehicle comes with a perfect track record, the Mazda 3 continues to inch closer.


What is the G-Vectoring Control System?

One of the newest technological advances to the Mazda 3 is the G-Vectoring Control System. This system is like the technology behind active differentials, but the main goal is comfort as opposed to safety. G-Vectoring Control allows torque to be adjusted to the front wheels. The result is better steering response, more confident handling and a tighter steering system. This creates a more intuitive driving atmosphere for consumers.


How does the Mazda 3 Size up?

Car and Driver Magazine is considered a pillar in the industry. They have a long-standing reputation as experts in vehicle features, pricing, and performance. For three years in a row, Car and Driver has named the Mazda 3 on of the "Top Ten Best Cars." In addition to that, the magazine awarded the Mazda 3 with the "Best Interior Available for Under $30,000".


Breaking Down the Model Cost

The Mazda 3 flaunts a loftier price for the hatchback, while the most economical model is the Sport sedan. In the newest release of the vehicle, Mazda reduced the price of the highest trim package. This allows the model to remain competitive with other manufacturers. It also increases the value of the vehicle and secures its reputation for being an affordable and reliable choice.


How Did Mazda Improve Comfort?

The new Mazda 3 is the quietest to-date. The previous models received a bad reputation for the level of sound allowed into the cabin. But, the manufacturer has now improved cabin insulation to reduce exterior white noise. Even though it still may not be as peaceful as other vehicles on the market, the reduction is noticeable. Before, passengers felt that they were traveling behind a lightweight frame due to the amount of road noise. This improvement reduces discomfort and increases the perception of safety.


Does the Mazda 3 Come in Automatic and Manual Transmission?

The Mazda 3 stands out in this category. Most manufacturers limit manual transmissions to lower-end models and keep automatic transmissions reserved. This saves the manufacturer money and also allows them to market the car to those who are looking to save on fees. But, Mazda provides manual transmission as stock at all trim levels. This allows consumers to enjoy the spunk of a manual transmission while pairing it with the comfort of a higher model package.


Are There Any Changes to the Engine?

Mazda's previous engine sizes were dictated by either an "i" or "s" that followed the model name. This letter referred to the size of the engine but was often confusing for customers. Mazda has now switched to a streamlined system that eliminates that confusion. The 2.0-liter engine is now present on the Sport and Touring models, while the 2.5-liter engine is present on the Grand Touring style.


How Has Mazda Redesigned the Interior?

The Sport sedan has more space in the center console than previous models. This is due to Mazda's use of an electronic parking brake system. By switching to an electronic design as opposed to the traditional brake design, there are several benefits. Primarily that the manufacturer has freed up a considerable amount of interior storage space. It is an appealing upgrade to consumers who are looking for added perks that make life more comfortable and functional in a compact car.


What Body Styles Does the Mazda 3 Come in?

The Mazda 3 comes in a sedan or hatchback body style. But, customers may find themselves exchanging convenience for pleasure with the hatchback version. Despite the higher price tag on the hatchback, it does fall short when compared to some of the options of the sedan. The Mazda 3 Sport Sedan is the most financially economical choice, but it comes with features that are not found on the roomier trim model. This has created a confusing perception of value to some customers. Many consumers report that they feel torn between choosing added square footage and fun, quality perks.

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