The New Subaru Legacy

The new Subaru Legacy is a reliable mid-size sedan that should suit just about anyone. This laid-back car comes with a conservative look, a spacious interior, and a standard all-wheel-drive. This is the best car for you if you are looking for an all-weather performer. It also won't cost you too much. This vehicle is like the smart and nerdy kid who struggles to fit in with his classmates.


Which features stand out in the 2017 Subaru Legacy?

This sedan is a rare spectacle because it's among the few mid-sizers that offer a standard all-wheel-drive; this is very impressive and almost unheard of considering that it's only the more expensive top-end models like the Chrysler 200 and Ford Fusion that have this feature. The AWD offers the driver an added grip and reliability especially in areas with extreme weather conditions that would ordinarily make driving a living nightmare.<br><br>The Legacy has other cool standard features like comprehensive standard safety, rearview camera, serviceable seats, a 6.2-inch touchscreen, Smartphone app integration, CVT (continuously variable transmission), satellite radio and internet streaming.


So what sucks about this mid-size sedan?

The conservative look of the 2017 Subaru Legacy is not doing much in helping the manufacturers sell more units. The Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are not spectacular, yet they still manage to get better sales because of brand recognition and superior powertrain options. The Legacy is involved in a sibling rivalry with the Outback which forces it to fight for recognition. This might not be the vehicle for you if you want to purchase something with a bold and aggressive appearance.<br><br>It also has an average performance that is less than what most of its competitors offer. The drive feels stiff (apart from Legacy Limited) and it also has slower acceleration. In addition to this, the 2017 Subaru Legacy has an outdated powertrain.


Which trim levels does the 2017 Subaru Legacy come with?

This mid-size sedan has two engine options for its models: a 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine (for the top model); it produces 256 horsepower and a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 175-hp. They use CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission) to move power to the four wheels.<br><br>The Legacy models include 3.6R Limited, 2.5i Limited, 2.5i Sport, 2.5i Premium and the base 2.5i. Convenience and luxury features increase as you move towards higher-ranked models which have features like keyless/ignition, gray grille, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, 18-inch wheels and heated seats. The 3.6R Limited is the only trim with a six-cylinder engine while the other four use four-cylinder options.<br><br>The base trim level has a starting price of approximately $22,000.


How does the Legacy perform in safety when compared to its competitors?

The 2017 Subaru Legacy is an "A" student when it comes to safety, and its classmates can only hope and wish to be something like it. In fact, it is so good that it is even considered to be safer than many vehicles that cost two times more (mostly because it has an Eyesight safety system.)<br><br>It has rear cross-traffic alerts, an optional EyeSight system, rear automatic emergency brakes that help the driver identify objects and blind-spot monitors.<br>If you are a pet owner, then you will love that the manufacturers have taken time to do some tests on pet safety features. These kinds of tests are as rare as chicken milk, and we, therefore, appreciate that they have put the American lifestyle into consideration. So go ahead and place your dog or cat in your Legacy without worry.<br><br>According to the Insurance Institute for Highway, the sedan has a perfect safety score in safety. The IIHS came to this conclusion after conducting all manner of crash tests like side impact, front impact, roof strength and so on. This means that the 2017 Subaru Legacy is among the few cars to pass all safety tests with flying colors.


Does it offer fuel economy?

The 2017 Subaru Legacy is fuel efficient even though it has an all-wheel drive, which is normally bad news for fuel economy. This is quite impressive although it also means that it has a lower performance than many of its classmates. According to EPA, the four-liter engine has 29 mpg combined (34 highway/25 city) while the six-cylinder has 23 mpg combined (28 highway/20 city).<br><br>Generally, this sedan is a great choice for anyone in search of a midsize car because it is well-rounded and affordable.

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