The New Smart Car

Being a pathfinder requires that you be bold enough to handle the challenges that come along with trotting your own path. And this is what the new Smart Car ForTwo does. Car companies are expected to be producing fully electric cars in the near future, and the Smart one is on the lead. While some companies are working with a balance of power (see that?) others like Smart and Tesla are going fully electrical, and it is paying well. Not only is Mercedes' micro-car good for the environment, but it is also a firm step towards autonomous motoring. Take a good look at what most companies are developing or have developed as concepts for self-driving cars. You'll without a doubt agree that they take up a lot of space on the road. Daimler's idea of a lounge or office on wheels is what the new Smart Car represents. An awfully big load of tech-features packed in an oversized Air max. At first, the idea is unappealing, and to many, it may seem like an insult. But upon taking a closer look, you realize you are getting treated to something more meaningful than just downsizing. (reminds us of the movie "Downsizing," it has got similar cars in there). The Smart car only seats two passengers and has a tiny truck. But it prides itself on being what most people need to get to work and when picking a few groceries. So forget the massive legroom and chunky hood and let's go small. Size matters, right?


What does it look like?

The Smart Fortwo comes off as a tiny and odd-looking two-seater car, heck it is barely nine feet long. It's mainly aimed at function, and the coupe version is a testament to this. It has got sufficient seating for two and an electric motor to power it; it is mounted right beneath the cargo space. Besides, there are a couple of soft bags for picking up some extras on your way. Fast forward this to 2030, and it will be quite the thing.


Why is it important?

Population growth folks, population. In an era where some countries have a population in the tune of billions and limited land resources, we do need the Smart car. Add that to the already congested nature of our cities today, and you have even more reason to get one. In the next few years, our preferences might still be bent towards the bigger cars, but our cities will demand that we share smaller cars and occupy less space. Better get used to it, right?


Which trims are available?

The Smart car is offered in two trims; the Passion and Prime versus the hardtop version of it of course. The main difference between them is the amount of standard equipment that each packs. The prices are, well, acceptable. The passion has a starting MSRP of $28,100 while the Prime starts at $29,100. The $1,000 price difference gets you active cornering fog lamps, heated leather seats, ambient interior lighting and automatic headlamps and wipers.


Is it practical?

For those who are constantly looking to beat traffic in urban areas, it will work to help escape the daily hustle and get you to work just fine, but you need to plug it in upon arrival. Unlike the Tesla whose supercharger helps suck in some good amount of charge in a matter of minutes, this car takes a good 3 hours to power up from an empty battery- that you achieve using the thickest cable plus a 32 amp power connection. If you use the regular household outlet, you might spend well over 15 hours waiting for it to be fully charged.


What do we think?

This is a cool means of transport, and it does save you some cash, and it spares the environment a lot of unwanted emissions. Apart from that, it is not a very useful car for the regular person. Our advice would be to purchase this as a secondary ride. It will help raise the nature lover in you.

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