The New Chevy Malibu

The new Chevrolet Malibu underwent many changes to its platform. While some Manufacturers like to keep model upgrades predictable from year to year, Chevrolet gave a breath of new life to the vehicle. The exterior styling has been significantly upgraded in order to keep with industry trends. But, what has been changed under the hood is where consumers are most impressed. Chevrolet upgraded to a turbocharged engine, which takes the Malibu from an economical commuter to an attractive sedan. When combined with Chevrolet’s low-APR financing, special lease deals and cash allowances, it is nearly irresistible.


What are the features of the higher trim packages?

The highest trim packages are on the LT and Premier models of the Malibu. They both contain luxury features that ensure a superior driver experience. For example, the Premier option has a fully leather interior, dual climate control, power seats, heated and ventilated seating and much more. The LT model also has power seats, larger wheels, relaxing interior lighting modes and more. They’re both attractive options for consumers who are looking to combine efficiency with luxury.


What are the features of the lower trim packages?

The two lowest trim packages on the Chevy Malibu are denoted with “L” or “LS”. Even though they’re the most economical choices, General Motors didn’t skimp on their standard features. They both come fully equipped with keyless ignition, keyless entry, OnStar technology and air conditioning. In addition to that, they both come standard with Bluetooth connectivity and cruise control. While most manufacturers look to cut corners on their base models, Chevrolet ensured that all drivers of the Malibu would be riding comfortably. The LS model is a slightly upgraded trim package and comes with a 7-inch touch screen display, MyLink, alloy wheels, a rearview camera and 4G LTE connectivity.


How does the Malibu rank when it comes to gas mileage?

The Malibu’s base level, six-speed automatic transmission has an EPA rating of 27 miles per gallon in the city. On the highway, the number jumps up substantially to 37 miles per gallon, making it an extremely economic choice for consumers with long-distance commutes. When upgrading to the highest trim package (a 2.0-liter, eight-speed automatic), the EPA rating drops slightly. It becomes 22 mpg in the city and 33 mpg for highway driving. For drivers who are interested in saving at the pump, the base model may be the right fit. But for those who are willing to sacrifice mileage for features and horsepower, the 2.0-liter eight-speed automatic is a nice fit.


What are the safety advancements to the 2016 Malibu?

It’s no secret that General Motors takes safety seriously. The manufacturer is constantly keeping up with advancing technology and safety regulations. With every new model, there are great improvements that keep consumers feeling safe and secure behind the wheel. The Malibu certainly doesn’t disappoint this year and features antilock brakes, a rearview camera, stability control and numerous airbags. In addition, it comes stock with OnStar telematics. If consumers are looking to upgrade their options, Chevrolet offers parking sensors, blind spot monitors and rear cross-traffic alerts for added fees. Regardless of the additional options, General Motors has loaded the vehicle with expertly-tailored stock features.


What has improved under the hood?

The Malibu now comes standard with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The new model pushes out 160 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, making it the most powerful Malibu yet. Acceleration has been greatly improved through the changes, which gives a more enjoyable driving experience to consumers who like some added boost. In addition to that, the added horsepower allows this daily driver to merge and maneuver easier than ever. It creates a safe ride that can avoid road hazards and seamlessly pace with the flow of traffic.


Does Chevrolet offer incentive programs for service members?

Chevrolet offers special incentives for members of the military, educators and college students. The discount packages and programs are all tailored to a client’s unique demographic. So, depending on which category a consumer falls into, the perks may differ substantially. Since the details vary so drastically, it’s best to get in touch with a salesperson. Dealership employees can provide detailed information to those who are interested in these programs.


What are the Cash Allowances?

Cash allowances work like merchandise rebates. They are used as incentives to help close sales and encourage product appeal. In addition to the low APR financing rate for qualified buyers, Chevrolet is also offering cash allowances to consumers who purchase the 2016 Malibu. They are currently offering two programs: one at $1,500 and one at $500. While not all manufacturers offer rebates, these allowances from General Motors are substantial enough to fund a road trip or fun aftermarket improvements. When combined with the low APR financing rates, the cash allowance work to make the purchase even more tempting.


What are the financing incentives?

Chevrolet is offering a low 1.9% APR financing rate for 60 months. Of course, this offer is restricted to qualified buyers who pass the application requirements. But, if accepted into the low rate, it works out to a mere $34.99 for every $2,000 financed. This makes Chevrolet’s APR financing one of the lowest in the industry.

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