The All-New Toyota Camry

Toyota continues to supply drivers with the “meat-and-potatoes” mid-sized sedan with the new 2018 Camry. These are good, dependable, sharp-looking vehicles. In fact, more than 90% of the Camry's sold over the past decade are still on the road. The 2018 actually got an impressive reliability rating from U.S. & World Report. Camry's continue to be available for a very reasonable price that most people can afford. With its bold, sporty appearance, excellent performance and an impressive list of high-tech features, you just have to give it a look-see and a test drive if you are in the market for a new mid-sized sedan. When you do go, be sure to ask the dealer these questions to get all the information you need.


What are the new Camry’s best features?

The new, bolder exterior with sporty add-ons may be the best features on the 2018 Toyota Camry. From its attention-grabbing new hood lines and sporty mesh front grill (available on the SE, SE Hybrid and XSE) to the available dual exhaust, this new Camry is impressive. The available V-6 engines are good, strong, reliable engines. The available interiors within the higher trim levels can bring a heightened sense of luxury. If you want to kick it up another notch, go with the XSE and the 18” alloy wheels that are available with it. The sporty new interior in the Camry completes the picture with plenty of hi-tech features. It boasts a wireless charging system, with a space for your device, EnTune App Suite that gives you access to iHeart Radio, Pandora and Slacker Radio as well as OpenTable for restaurant reservations and for movie tickets. With the available 3.5-liter V6 and sport handling, you will be set to ride in style and comfort.


How Many Models Are Available?

There are, in fact, 7 Camry models available this year. The models are: LE, XLE, SE, XSE, and the Hybrid LE, Hybrid SE and Hybrid XLE. Various features and add-ons are only available with certain models. The 18” alloy wheels, for example, are only available on the XSE. The non-hybrid models come with the standard 2.5-Liter 4-Cylinder and 6-speed automatic transmission. The 3.5-liter V6 engines are only available in the XLE and XSE models.


What Safety Features does the 2018 Camry Have?

All models come with lots of safety features including: - Star Safety System, which includes a 4-wheel Anti-lock Brake System or ABS, Brake Assist and Smart Stop Technology, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control. - Ten airbags. - Whiplash-Injury-Lessening (WIL) front seats. - 3-point seat belts. The driver’s side seat belts have an Emergency Locking Retractor. The passenger seat belts have an Automatic/Emergency Locking Retractor. - LATCH seat belts for child/baby seats. - Power window and child-protector locks in the back seat. There are also quite a few additional safety features that you can get in your 2017 Camry like the Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Safety Connect, halogen headlights and the Pre-collision System.


How Good is the 2018 Camry’s Mileage?

The non-hybrid Camry with the standard 2.5-Liter/4-Cylinder/6-speed automatic gets 24 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. The XLE with the 3.5L/V6/6-speed automatic is almost as efficient on gas with 21 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. Hybrid Camry's get 40 to 42 mpg in the city and 37 to 38 mpg on the highway.


What’s the Price on the New Camry?

The Camry XLE or SXE with the bigger 3.5L/V6/6-speed automatic sell for about $32,000. Both the XLE and SXE with the smaller standard 2.5L/4-Cyl./6-speed automatic sell for about $27,000. The LE and SE start out at about $24,000. The hybrids are a little bit more, of course, but not by much. The 2017 Camry Hybrid LE is actually only about $27,675. The Hybrid SE comes in at around $31,500 and the Hybrid XLE is around $31,000.


Has the Camry won any awards?

Yes, the Camry won some awards for safety. It won the 2017 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ on models that have the optional pre-collision system and halogen headlights. It was also awarded a 5-Star Overall Safety Rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. U.S. News & World Report gave the Camry a Predicted Reliability Score of 4 1/2 out of 5.


How does the Camry handle?

Well, according to Motor Trend, “…the optional six-cylinder is surprisingly potent…”. They went on to point out that, “The SE and XSE feature a sport-tuned suspension that does a good job of controlling body roll, while maintaining a relatively smooth and quiet ride on the highway.” but they noticed that, “The LE and XLE have softer suspension tuning and are a ‘little more floaty,’…”. Motor Trend gave the 2018 Camry an overall rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5. They also mentioned that this Camry has a nice, quiet ride. You really should just head over to your nearby Toyota dealer and take them out for a test drive. Then you can decide if you like the way it handles.

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