Mercedes E400 Review

Have you checked a Mercedes E400 parked among Los Angeles’ outrageous bird-of-paradise blooms? It is simply magnificent. It may not be as perfect as the W124 300CE, but it rises above in terms of the interior space, length, equipment list, and engine power. A smart 9-speed auto, decent kit, sumptuous interior, assured open road handling, and smooth engine are all in one basket. Do you see why the Mercedes E400 is in high demand? On the face value, it seems to be an opulent sports cruiser or the kind of car you would want in front of your beach house.


What’s cooking under the bonnet?

Expect a supple leather interior, a magnificently designed dash, and a lavish open-pore wood. When it comes to the entertainment, two 12.3” high-resolution screens run smoothly from the cabin center to the driver’s edge. The sound system is integrated into a Burmester stereo which plays through thirteen speakers. Besides, a head-up display beams on the windscreen. Other remarkable interior features include a dual-zone climate-control, sophisticated ambient lighting system, Nappa leather on the steering wheel, plus heated front seats. Above all, there is a semi-autonomous safety feature under the Safety heading.


How does the cabriolet compare to the coupe?

The Mercedes-Benz E400 4MATIC convertible is a timeless style full of equipment. It features a fantastic 3-liter V6 engine capable of 329hp and 354 pound-feet of torque. It’s hard to look past the 4-seat Mercedes-Benz convertible when shopping for a classic car. Don’t be fooled by the exterior lines. What lies beneath might shock you. It runs on the W204 C-Class chassis and not the W212 E-Class platform. A 2760mm wheelbase is similar to that of the old C-Class Coupe. The slightly longer body suits the E400 line so perfectly whether the cloth top opens or shuts. On the other side, the E-400 coupe is an all-wheel-drive equipped with a 3-liter V6 bi-turbo engine. It guarantees 354 pound-feet of torque and a 329hp. While it has the same architecture as the cabriolet, the coupe has a completely different spirit that goes beyond the removal of the doors. In addition to its core competence, the Mercedes E400 Coupe offers an airy ambiance, making it a perfect ride for long day drives and night tours. Its anterior compartment is big enough to accommodate two adults.


Is it worth your money?

Currently, the Mercedes E400 costs around $52,950 which slightly more than a new BMW 540i. This is the price you pay for a sophisticated silhouette. The wide swing of the doors imitates a modern version of personal luxury that Madison Avenue and Detroit spun up for more than 50 years.


Is it a fuel guzzler?

It depends on the driver. The manufacturer claims that it consumes 8.4 liters for a distance of 100km. But some drivers say that it takes up 10 liters. In terms of emissions, the Mercedes E400 Cabriolet is listed at 191g/km.


What’s so irresistible about the Mercedes E400 design?

The whole Mercedes E-Class is a masterly representation of potency and polish. But none of the models compares to the E400 4MATIC. Car buyers are head over heels with its design. The extra 20-inch alloy wheels, trapezoid exhaust tips, bulging bonnet, and twin, give a menacing appeal of a sleek extravagant sedan. We can’t emphasize enough the interior design. The twin-screen set up dominates the uncluttered dash. The cabin feels premium but a little tight at the backseat.


How practical is the driver’s space?

Like most models in its price range, the Mercedes E400 is designed to please the driver. The driver’s seat is a sure treat. It is supportive, comfy, well-bolstered, and physically terrific. Analyzing the driver’s data is quite easy thanks to the driver-tailored screens. A leather piano black console separates the two front seats with two cup holders under the lustrous panels.


How about the passenger's comfort?

Two more consoles are found at the pull-down separator at the rear seats. Even though there are no individual temperature controls at the back seats, the passengers may turn on and off their vents manually. The good news is that there is sufficient legroom at the backseats. But anyone who crests over six feet tall can scrape the ceiling trim.


How does it feel like to drive a Mercedes E400?

Mystical is the word. Imagine channeling all that technology into a car that undoubtedly surpasses the traditional skill set of its model class. It is undeniably smart and terrific on a rain-soaked day. The semi-autonomous features are significant upgrades to the cruise control specs. The safety systems ensure that the E400 maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front and within the road markings. By holding down the indicator, you can easily switch your lane when you think it’s safe. The feeling is a bit strange, but you’ll soon get used to it. The best part is wrestling back the control of the wheel. The V6 engine delivers its power effortlessly, pairing so well with a concise shifting 9-speed auto transmission. Then comes the steering- it is sufficiently engaging, and you’ll be impressed by the quality of the E400 ride.


How safe is the E400 4MATIC?

Without touching a thing, the Benz is technically safe with a human doofus behind. There are nine airbags, Attention Assist technology, Hill Start Assist, and a 360⁰ parking camera. The Attention Assist monitors your actions to detect if you are dozing off while driving. The smartest safety features are probably the adaptive cruise control and the ‘Lane Keep Assist.’ Simply put, the Benz will help you cope with traffic on the highway and keep you within the lanes even when you navigate around corners. Included in the safety package is a smart crash detection mechanism. If the car detects a t-bone collision, the seat jolts away from the impact. In case of an impending rear collision, the speakers produce a high pitched sound to prepare for an upcoming bang.


What’s the final verdict?

The Mercedes E400 bring us closer to an autonomous future. It is also a perfect reminder of how fun it feels like behind the wheels. The cabriolet stands by itself as a permanent representation of a timeless icon with its four seats oozing style and elegance. Powerful, stylish, and with an engine that is a treat for a twisting rough road, the E400 might be your best pick amongst premium sedans.

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