From Skateboards to Battleships, the Top Chevy Vehicles for 2020

The range is impressive. In 2020 Chevrolet brings Americans a choice of Chevy-styled products that's diverse in power and size. Park a 266-inch Silverado 3500HD, and you can almost fit two 143.1-inch Sparks next to it. The 2020 Chevy lineup has a lot of models with plenty of updates for the new model year. While Chevrolet may not be the brand to turn to for a selection of electric vehicles, these gas and diesel-powered vehicles give buyers the load-hauling power or fuel-sipping economy to meet their needs, plus a mid-engine Corvette that hauls in quite another way. What are you looking for?


Let's start small. What does Chevrolet have in 2020 for a cute little commuter car to buzz around the city in?

The 2020 Spark subcompact comes from GM South Korea. It has good electronics, available active safety features, stingy mpg, a CVT transmission option, and a tight turning circle. Unlike some cars this size, it does have a four-cylinder engine. In other words, it continues to be a great city car for 2020. Roush Performance did a special delivery version of the Spark for Domino's with less seating to make room for 80 pizzas.


I've been looking for a simple compact sedan or hatchback, not a mini crossover or SUV -- and they're getting scarce. Does Chevy have one for 2020?

A 2020 Sonic is good and basic by itself or a nice small-car platform to add to. The 1.8L engine is now replaced by a 1.4L turbo, a trend among small car powerplants. There's no longer a manual transmission option, just a 6-speed automatic. The LT trim in hatchback provides more cargo space and six-speaker satellite sound. For a semitropical touch to your driveway, try the new colors: Oasis Blue and Cayenne Orange Metallic.


Safety is on my mind, and I'm looking for a midsized car with lots of protection. What's right for me in the 2020 Chevy lineup?

2020 Malibu, in its current incarnation, should fit your bill. It includes several key safety features such as OnStar, teen driver technology, which identifies the driver by the key fob, lots of airbags, and plenty of available active safety features from emergency braking to a rearview camera. The 2020 model gets a few appearance touchups, but it's already pretty up-to-date with new technology.


I need more room to stretch than the average person. Is there still a full-sized Chevy car in 2020?

It's not great news that the 2020 Impala is the last model year of production, but at least it's not 2019, as previously announced. This last Impala is still a good choice for your too-tall needs. It has plenty of legroom, Bose sound, but an interior that is showing its age.


I want a CUV but I have no need to dominate the road with it. What is there for a driver without an ego or a large family?

The 2020 Chevy Trax, based on the same platform as the little Aveo, may be just right for you. It's a CUV that's new enough to the market to not warrant a change in 2020, but it has plenty of styling and feature choices to make it your own. The sweet spot for 2020 is the LT trim with driver assistance options and convenience options, which make it feel a bit upscale.


Family, sports, dogs, gardening -- there are so many reasons I need an SUV, where do I put all that?

Check out the 2020 Equinox, renewed in 2017, and one of the most popular in its class. It has comfort, updated technology, driver safety, and assistance features, the teen driver feature, and convenient liftgate operation, though it does get pricey if you add AWD and power to match. In 2020, the most important news may be that 2021 is getting lots of updates, including an RS package, so hmm, maybe wait?


I heard about the new Blazer for 2020, tell me more!

The 2020 Blazer is just the second year of this new version of a familiar name, and a lot of the news opened with "wait, what?" from drivers who expected another rugged truck-based Blazer. Nope, but Chevy is clearly already responding to feedback as they add more powertrain options for 2020 and adjust the plentiful trim packages accordingly. If you're looking to tow with your Blazer as before, no worries: there's a 308hp V6 and also the new mid-range powerplant for less challenging trailering. Max configuration can haul up to 4500 pounds.


I want something that I can haul my family in with room to separate them when things get tense. Give me an idea!

The 2020 Tahoe almost has separate zip codes, perfect for that active family, which practices martial arts on siblings while in transit. It's not quite a Suburban, a bit shorter, but it does have room to spare, and several V8 or diesel powerplants to get the drive over with faster -- or enjoy the ride even with a load behind. In fact, towing help is included in the extensive drive assistance technology options. Look to the 2021 model for more substantial updates, including rework inside and out, more diesel, and newer tech.


I was watching the movie "Titanic" and I thought, I need an SUV about that size. What does Chevy offer in the cruise ship scale?

The 2020 Suburban, of course, though this is yet another model which Chevy is remaking and bringing out all-new in 2021. It'll be getting a torquey diesel option, independent rear suspension, and the full complement of updated driver assists and technology, which make it really feel like you're at the helm of a modern cruise liner. If only they had an optional red-and-green navigation light set on this land yacht!


I need to tow big stuff but I don't really need a full-sized truck, just the engine. How does Chevy handle my needs?

The 2020 Colorado can be had as you want it, with choices on all the major axes from engine power to cab capacity and bed length. The diesel version can hook up to 7700 pounds and drive away. It also offers a pleasant, high-tech ride with infotainment updates, but the driver assistance side is lagging. There are several liftgate options depending on your needs and a cool new feature to help top off tire pressure efficiently.


I keep seeing Chevy trucks around town, driven by tradesmen and contractors. What do they know that I don't?

The 2020 Silverado 1500, also known as the GMC Sierra, is designed to be noticed, and apparently, that worked on you. It's a half-ton pickup perfect for a lot of tasks and available with powerplant options from a Duramax diesel to 6.2L V8 to give you the torque and power you need. Unlike the Colorado, this model has been keeping up with driver-assist technology making it a great around-town jobbing truck.


I like to carry a ton of bricks or a couple of spare engines in the back of my truck. What's Chevy's best 2020 offering for that kind of work?

The 2020 Silverado HD 2500 is that kind of truck. It's big and designed to be used by people who like big trucks. Power mirrors fold to fit your garage, Duramax diesel and a ten-speed Allison transmission are among the drivetrain options, and when you need to tow 18,500 pounds, you just do it. Did you know that there are videos online for those who love big-truck engine sounds? This 2020 Silverado could star in them.


I like the kind of truck which reaches one highway exit as the tailgate is leaving the previous one. Do you know what I mean?

You've probably tried to pass a 2020 Silverado HD 3500 and wondered just how long it is. The 2020 model is also strong, with a "Durabed" providing heavy-duty resilience to complement the Duramax power, you'll probably just look at huge loads and say, "get the big truck." Your staff will know which one. Gooseneck Towing capacity is an awesome 35,500 pounds, and it has new towing-assist technologies to make pulling loads even easier.


I want a car I can polish in my driveway and make my neighbor envious -- or take it to the track and impress myself with mid-engine handling, right?

You're not subtle at all; you're clearly talking about the 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette Stingray. It's the first mid-engined one, so that was the first clue. Car and Driver called it "more than the best Corvette ever," though with the extra $5k Z51 performance package, you've got a "was that a Ferrari I just saw?" first impression that walks the walk on the track as well.


I'm a Camaro driver, always have been since I patched up a 60s model and drove it as a kid. What's the 2020 one like?

Since the Corvette for 2020 doesn't offer manual shifting, that's the first joy of the 2020 Camaro: it does. The 1LE track package or the convertible option will bring back the feel you're looking for. It's available with several engine choices depending on who's behind the wheel, but you'll be getting the V-8, right? Choose the LT1 option over SS to save a few bucks on it this year.

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