2021 Volkswagen Golf Mark 8

The new Volkswagen Golf Mark 8 is coming as part of the eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf. The arrival of this new baby was confirmed by photos of a prototype that was seen speeding around Europe. This 2021 model will make its way to the land of the free, that’s the USA folks, in 2020. We love that it comes with an evolutionary styling. The VW Golf is the company’s best-selling car ever. And it also tops the list of the most beloved models in the automaker’s lineup. This hatchback will go down as an icon because it has sold approximately 30 million units in more than 40 years. In this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about VW's new compact hatch.


Should we expect anything new?

If this vehicle were an actor then it would be Christian Bale; it comes with a familiar look, but it has been thoroughly updated. It has more trunk and passenger space since it is longer than its predecessor. You’ll also notice that it has dramatically evolved in its front and rear. The nose appears to have moved a little bit lower; the car now comes with new lower bumpers as well as thinner, differently shaped eight-sided headlights. Meanwhile, the manufacturer adds some exciting new design creases in the bonnet. The bumper also features plenty of chrome trim. It also offers new taillights and a bumper, with the former featuring LED indicators.


How much will it cost and when will it be released?

The 2019 Volkswagen Golf was expected to arrive in this year’s Frankfurt motor show, but it seems that this rumor will remain to be hot air for now. We have heard that the infotainment screens and the connected-car technology have been problematic, and that’s why we will not see this car in Frankfurt this September. However, we still expect it to be launched at the end of the year, although it will hit the showrooms in early 2020. This late-year launch will also involve vehicles like the £22,000 Match and the £19,500 entry-level S. In 2020; we’ll also see vehicles like the £35,000 top-of-the-line Golf R and the £32,000 Golf GTI.


Where will the power come from?

Volkswagen is in the latter stages of developing the new Golf Mark 8. The company has revealed that this much-awaited car will sit on the versatile MQB platform which has been updated to suite the Mark 8. It now uses a modular component set, with more emphasis being placed on powertrain technology and electrification. This new model has definitely been part of The Biggest Loser; a TV show about losing weight, the Mark 8 uses lighter materials that should make it approximately 70kgs lighter than the current model. The new tech has been introduced to reduce fuel consumption and to create a platform for future [search label="electric cars" items="Tesla Model S|Nissan Leaf|Toyota Prius|VW eGolf"] like the incoming R and GTI (electrification is important in pushing the performance limits of a hot hatch.) Some sources have also said that VW is planning to improve the Golf by swapping its 1.6-liter diesel engine for a brand new diesel engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters.


What kind of driving experience does it offer?

The Mark 8 is as nimble as a cat when it hits corners; thanks to its lighter weight. This is great news but what makes this vehicle unique is the fact that it drives itself. You might think that I’m a little drunk, but you heard me right, it actually drives itself. The new Mark 8 boasts of numerous sensors and safety systems that allow it to steer, accelerate and brake itself on twisting A-roads and at a cruise, it does all this while still being mindful of the speed limit. Its self-driving ability works best on the motorway. In fact, this self-driving feature is so useful that it even corrects you when you make stupid mistakes on the road. If the Golf Mark 8 were an animal, then it would be a lizard because it can squeeze through tight traffic and parking lots with its upgraded self-park feature. It also boasts of having a birdseye view and high-definition reversing cameras that help you get a brilliant view. All these attributes mean that Volkswagen has upgraded both the passive and active features. In addition to this, it will come with a standard multi-link rear suspension that will be used to smoothen bumpy roads, while enhanced aerodynamics and improved sound-deadening will help reduce noise.


What about the interior?

The new Volkswagen Golf will come with an all-digital interior. We also expect it to come with a standard digital instrument cluster, while the center stack will boast of a large infotainment touchscreen. On the other hand, the climate control is likely to be fitted with a third screen. Finally, the vehicle will offer a permanent web connection as part of its upgraded connectivity. Volkswagen will reveal more details in the near future.


What will the future look like?

The incoming generation of Skoda, SEAT and Audi’s mid-sized hatchbacks (Octavia, Leon, and A3 respectively) will gain a lot from the newly improved Golf, with autonomous technology, connectivity, gearboxes and engines filtering through the group.

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